Take steps toward your personal evolution

Welcome to Written in the Stars

Here you will find information, services, and tools that connects you to spirituality, mysticism, and conscious wisdom to help fuel your journey towards self-discovery, healing, and personal greatness.

What We Offer

Intuitive Readings

An intuitive reading gives you the clarity and perspective you are looking for regarding a specific situation or personal matter as well as  deeper insight into self.  Intuitive readings include tarot, astrology, or a combination of both.

Coaching Services

Do you feel the need to strengthen your connection to Spirit, are unsure what direction your life is heading, or maybe that it’s time to heal and move forward.  Spiritual coaching sessions are a mix of divination, energy healing, and self-discovery exercises customized to facilitate  healing and personal growth.

The Mystical Shop

Shop the collection of hand made candles, crystals, and other essentials to use in your personal rituals, to boost your good vibes, and to make magic .