Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching combines the personal insight of divination, the techniques of life coaching, and renewing energy of spiritual wisdom and ritual to help you renew mentally, emotionally, and spiritually creating greater balance in your life.

Maybe you feel like you are failing, that you keep hitting a dead end, or are struggling with finding your path. Perhaps, you feel that you lost your connection to Spirit or that it’s time to heal, let go, and move forward. If you are experiencing any of these things it’s the universe make you aware and providing you with an opportunity to let go of what isn’t serving you, heal the past, and move into your authentic self. Often times when we think we are failing we are actually growing.

Carmen’s coaching style integrates¬† wellness coaching techniques with spiritual practices including¬† intuitive divination, astrology, Shamanic Reiki energy healing, and other spiritual wellness techniques to raise your self-awareness and uncover untapped potential and purpose¬† You will learn useful tools to help connect with Spirit and your intuition to identify and navigate life cycles, personal phases, and karmic lessons unfolding in your life with greater ease.

Independent-study is a key component of Carmen’s coaching methods. She will educate, guide and provide you with supportive tools and insights that will empower you to independently do the work required to deepen your self-understanding and connection to Spirit. Equipped with the tools, support and knowledge gained from your coaching sessions with Carmen, you will be ready to summon the courage and inner clarity required to step out of your comfort zone and into the full expression of your divinity and life purpose.

Coaching is most effective for

  • Personal growth
  • Healing from the past
  • Relationships (all kinds)
  • Finding career purpose
  • Strengthening Spiritual connection
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Cord Cutting/Releasing Relationship ties

1 Session


4 Sessions


6 sessions


8 Sessions

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