White Sage Smudge Kit


Everything you need to get rid of negative energy and emotional blocks.  Sage smudging  promotes mental clarity and helps with spiritual and emotional grounding. The process clears away negativity so blessings and positive energy can flow in.  White sage can be used to purify both personal energy and the energy in spaces (home/workspaces ect.).

Kit Includes:

– 1 sage bundle

– 1 handmade white candle

– 1 Albolene shell

– 1 Eagle feather


Product Description

Smudging is a purification ritual practiced in many cultures to cleanse, energize, and bless people, objects, and spaces.


Sage has long been used in purification and blessing rituals to release negative energy and emotions and to attract healing and blessings.


Abalone Shells are said to release fear, stress, and other negative emotional feelings while promoting healing, intuition, and emotional support.


White Candles are a staple in religious and purification rituals, they represent purity, peace, and clearing of obstacles. Burning a white candle increases the power of release while attracting peace and healing.


Eagle feathers are sacred healing tools that represent spirituality, strength, and wisdom.  The eagle connects us to spirit and increases vision for greater understanding and new perspectives.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz


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