Agape Candle


Agape has an sweet yet grounding scent and an energy vibration that strengthens and supports the emotional and energetic  elements of love and relationships.  The pink color activates the heart chakra and carries the energy of the Venus.  Agape Love is selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional. Deeper than romantic love, it is the pure love that we should have for ourselves first which then allows us to give and receive love from partners, family, and friends.  The Agape candle supports and strengthens your intentions or rituals related to:

  • Attracting new love or deepening existing bonds
  • Strengthening self-value and self-love
  • Healing damaged love, family, or friend relationships
  • Healing emotional wounds or trauma  (grief, sadness, loss,)
  • Letting go of out dateed concepts related to love and the expression of love
  • Opening yourself to give and receive love

A “dressed” candle includes magical herb blend which strengths your power of attraction as you burn the candle

All candles are hand poured.  Candle burn time: 82-96 hours

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Product Description

These aren’t your typical candles; they are magical!  Carmen makes all candle’s by hand with love to support your personal rituals. Astrology and magic are blended to create these candles. They are made on specific days and under specific moon phases so that magic and universal energy is infused at the inception of each candle.  Even the candle color and the scent is selected to support the purpose of the candle and to strengthen you personal powers of attraction. Next, a magic herbal blend is sprinkled on top and then infused with reiki energy.


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Weight 20 oz


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