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You need different things at different times to fuel your journey of personal growth and keep you moving in the right direction. I am happy to be able to offer a selection of services to help along your path.

Traditional Astrology and Tarot Readings

These one-off readings are what we crave when we feel like we need additional guidance or insight in discerning what is going on in a situation.  In truth, you have a very good idea of what is going on but just need help navigating through the fog.  Traditional readings are either 30 minutes or an hour.

I also offer services for readings at parties and events, email me for more information.


Natal and Compatibility Reports

A Natal Report (Birth Chart) analysis is your personal users manual, helping you navigate aspects of your personality, uncovering the meaning of themes you experience, deciphering your career calling, and guiding you towards fulfilling romantic relationships.  A Natal Report provides details and insights to increase self-awareness and assist in personal development.  With these insights you can shift from being unclear and self-judging to having a true understanding of yourself to begin healing and manifesting your true purpose.  Your natal report is an investment into personal development; the information is good forever, not just for an hour, day, or month. Each time you review your report you gain new insight into yourself and your purpose.

A Birth Chart Analysis is a useful tool for yourself or someone else. These analysis are perfect gifts for birthdays, the birth of a child, college graduation, or for someone who is struggling with their path.  Please have a full birth date and time of birth for an accurate report.


Coaching Services

If you feel like you are experiencing a major shift but struggle with recognizing the lesson or are unclear on how to move forward, coaching provides the deep level of understanding and support that a one-off reading can’t provide.  Life is made up of a series of cycles and phases, coaching pin-points the stage you are in and offers tools to strengthen self-understanding and confidence to make the right choices.

Coaching includes the use of divination practices (astrology, tarot, numerology, ect.) to uncover your unique qualities, talents, and the karmic lessons unfolding in your life.  Coaching is a collaborative effort where I educate and share insight but you do the work to deepen your self-understanding and connection to spirit.  Coaching includes a mix of consultation services and homework.

Coaching is most effective with a specific focus

  •  Personal Development
  • Career
  • Heart/Love


Moon Circles

I host a monthly moon circle, a place where women convene to weave individual stories, experiences, and personal journeys into a cohesive energy that we can pull insight, support, and spiritual alignment needed as we journey through life’s current phase.

The circles take place around prominent phases of the moon (new or full moon) because the moon represents divine feminine energy and its influence over the earth.  During these phases we can intuitively and physically feel the moon’s energy and lesson for us reflecting upon our lives. These phases of the moon have historically and continue to be important time for women to gather to strengthen our primal energies and use the power of intuition to revel the hidden and unknown.  Subscribe to my email list to receive information on upcoming moon circles.

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I always spent my hazlf an hour to read this blog's posts daily along with a cup of coffee.
Getting my natal report done with Carmen was one of the most eye-opening things I've ever done for myself. I find myself to be pretty introspective, but there are still so many things I'm learning about myself, and receiving a wholistic, personalized birth chart helped fast track that learning! So many things seemed crystal clear about myself! It was easy to focus on the romantic stuff- my venus is in Scorpio after all :) -but the chart has all it's bases covered and has been helpful in so many aspects of my life! Since getting my chart done several months ago, I was able to identify my ideal career characteristics and choose a new career path that I absolutely love! I've been dating smarter, and stopped spending so much energy on being something I'm not. Thanks, Carmen.
I received a full birth chart from Carmen over a year ago. It is insightful, enlightening, and I still refer to it today. I have read it to my friends and family. As a Gemini, I have a huge thirst for knowledge and understanding not only about myself but about everything around me. At times I also feel like I can do any and everything so it is heard to focus on what I should be doing. The birth chart helped to filter out the voices and really think about what the universe is telling me. It is a great tool, reference, and wonderful investment.

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