Astrology and Tarot Readings

Every Friday night 5-9pm at Aum Shanti Bookshop. Walk-ins welcome

We’ll discuss the importance of the Heart Center in attracting abundance while sipping a special “Love Potion” that will open our hearts to giving and receiving love and abundance. We will then walk through creating a sacred space for attracting abundance, setting intentions, and then finish with some candle magic – infusing your intentions into a love or abundance attracting candle to help strengthen your powers of manifestation during the eclipse.

Mastering Your Saturn Return

If you are 27 – 29 years old (born Feb 1988-Feb 1991) or 57-59 (born Jan 1959 – Jan 1962) then you have officially started your Saturn Return. The planet Saturn, known as the teacher of the zodiac, imparts us with wisdom, maturity, and discipline. If you are having your first Saturn Return this wisdom is helping you “grow up” by taking greater control of the direction and purpose of your life. If you are having your second Saturn Return your lesson is about acceptance and freedom as you move into your second half of life. Saturn teaches its lesson by imposing restriction on our lives which could feel difficult and even depressing in the beginning and then like a sense of accomplishment and mastery by the end.

In this workshop we will dive in to the lesson of your Saturn Return, what this karmic lesson means for your life (and past life), and review tips on navigating the next 2.5 years like a boss! We will also discuss planetary influences on your soul group (those born in the same 2.5 year period as you) and the similar goals, lessons, and gifts that you share as a collective that you are in the process of maturing and mastering that will influence the world.

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