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Virgo Motto: I Scrutinize

Virgo, the hardworking, perfectionist  is the sixth sign of the zodiac.  I haven’t met a Virgo yet that wasn’t willing to jump in with a solution or idea to help out.  Personable and outgoing, Virgos like to be of service to people. For a Virgo, their greatest service is to deliver perfectionism in all that they do.   Virgos have discriminating taste, will notice all flaws, and will work long and hard until something is just right.  Their scrutinizing eye and straight-forward delivery can be a bit much for some but don’t take it personally, they hold themselves to the same high standards as they do others.

The Virgo sign is affiliated with health, harvest, and service.  Virgo is an earth sign, ruled by the planet Mercury.  The late summer/early fall is the time of year when the earth is harvested.  You have to carefully plan to ensure there will be enough to last through the winter, that the harvest is kept in good condition, and that there is enough for all.  Similarly, the earth’s influence over Virgo makes them concerned with organizing and  creating processes that result in tangible and long-lasting outcomes.  The planet Mercury rules communication (internal and external) and thought-processes.  These combined influences make Virgo an analytical mind who communicates their findings in order to create structure and improvements.  Virgo not only seek to analyze a situation for their own understanding but also for others.  They analyze how others will perceive, use, and benefit from their work and to create a perfect outcome that serves all.  Virgos are be outgoing and personable, which makes it easy for them to connect with people; this paired with their helpful spirit and penchant for improving things make them excellent doctors, caregivers, or service people but also helps them excel in whatever career they choose.

Now what’s up with the Virgin?  No, Virgo’s aren’t goody two-shoes or shy and demure as the Virgin implies.  The Virgin is the one with no master, this person has not been conquered by anyone. Their thoughts, motives, and actions haven’t had outside influence and therefore are pure.  The Virgin is able to give all of it’s self in a perfect way, in this was Virgo is like the Virgin.

Virgo I August 23 – Sept 2

Those born the first week of Virgo need to apply their energies in the areas of social service and creating dependable systems and methods of doing things.  The theme for Virgo I is structure and service.   Virgo I are regarded as honest, trustworthy, and dependable people.  As previously stated, Virgo’s works and ideas not only serve their own interest but other people’s as well.  To this end, Virgo I likes to set-up structured ways of doing day-to-day and routine activities because they do not like chaos or unorganized situations.  By creating structure in their daily activities  they feel secure and comfortable.  These organized and structured routines also benefit their family and careers.  This need for methodical, structured is not only found in their ways of behaving but also in their thought process and belief systems.  This mix of dependable, structured, helpfulness creates a bitter-sweetness to Virgo I’s personality.   Once Virgo I has committed to a way of behaving or thinking they will stick with it, even if they it doesn’t fit the situation and at times becoming rigid.  For example,  Virgo I believes they must help whenever they can while at the same time resenting the caretaker role they so often play.  A non Virgo may just say, “no I can’t help”, but a Virgo I feels that they have no choice but to help so they do while giving attitude the whole time.  To combat this two resentment Virgo I need to learn to put themselves before others and to be more flexible.

 Those born this week are very social and usually play a central role in their families and in the groups to which they belong ( typically community groups and charitable organizations); however, they like to spend time alone and prefer to let others come to them instead of seeking attention.  Virgo I can come off as emotionally distant in relationships or when dealing with emotional situations.  This is because emotions are not controlled or rational and this is an uncomfortable situation for a person who likes to have structure and control, so they  retreat.   Despite their need for routine and structure, Virgo I  can be a fun to be with, especially when spending time around more carefree and easy-going types, they give Virgo I the balance they need to let go and release.

Virgo II Sept 3 – Sept 12 

Virgo II seeks to achieve their goals by breaking away from the established ways of doing things and creating their own way.  Virgo II is kind, thoughtful, considerate, and believe in doing the right thing.  Their tact, discipline, and ability to bring order to situations makes them great leaders and bosses.  All Virgos are perfectionist but the trait is very strong among Virgo II.  They have discriminating taste and a high level of expectation for  themselves and others. This high level of expectation can come across as judging or nit-picking and depending on the level, can either irritate others or push them completely away.  Virgo II does not like to appear vulnerable by any means and will create an air of mystery around themselves so that others never really too much about  their innermost thoughts or personal life.  They will share, but will keep it light.  This is how they protect themselves.  Although Virgo II is thoughtful and helpful they do not give too much emotion. Loosing oneself to emotion is perceived as weak and vulnerable to Virgo II, they prefer to detach themselves from it.  Virgo II seldom reaches out for help or assistance, preferring to do things on their own – they don’t like to burden others with their problems.  As the ultimate perfectionist, Virgo II views individual effort as the best way to improve yourself.   However, everyone needs to be  vulnerable at times and needs care and help from others.   Unfortunately, self-judging and always going it alone can lead Virgo II to manifest sickness in themselves as a way to get the care-giving they deeply need.  On a lighter note, those born this week are silly and fun to be around.  They easily laugh at themselves because they are very self-secure.

Virgo III  Sept. 13- 22 

Those born in the final week of Virgo are versatile, reserved, sensitive, and practical.  They are persistent when it comes to accomplishing their goals and will arrange and order their environment to their advantage in pursuit of their goals.  Virgo III is steadfast and diligent in the pursuit of their goal regardless on how long it takes; once their mind is made up they will get what they want.  Mastery of craft is very important to these Virgos and they must see the tangible results of their efforts in order to feel successful.  Virgo III is the most refined of the decans, this is shown in their appreciation of beauty and the arts.  Refinement is also the reason Virgo III doesn’t like  irrational behavior, emotional displays, or public outburst. Although Virgo III is emotional, they are able to control their reactions.  All Virgos are highly skilled evaluators and perfectionist but IIIs like to focus their skills on relationships and emotional matters – these areas are important to them.    Virgo III has high expectations of how they should be treated by others and tend to judge others on this high moral code of conduct.  While this makes them a good judge of character, when they are being sensitive, it can lead them to make hasty decisions to cut people off.  Their friends, family, and co-workers may experience this abrupt parting of ways with Virgo III with no idea of why.  Virgo III has no problem with distancing themselves from relationship they feel no longer serve them, unfortunately this decision is often one-sided with no consideration for what the other person maybe dealing with.  On the other had, Virgo III will stay in unhappy and damaged love relationships for long periods of time.  They see them as a project that they can improve and because they are dedicated to their goals and don’t mind taking as much time as needed to perfect the relationship, they stay.


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