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Venus: Welcome to the Planet of Love

Astrologically speaking, every planet carries an energy that governs over a specific area of life. When it comes to matters of love, attraction, beauty, and cash flow we look to Venus for insight and direction.  Venus’ superpowers lie  in the ability to use love and the power of attraction to create material gain. This planet’s energy feels sweet, balanced, nurturing, and sensual. In the natal chart, Venus defines personal preferences on how love is given and received, fashion sense, aesthetic flare, luck with money, and the type of  friends and lovers a person will attract.

The Planet of Love

Venus is one of the 5 personal planets in astrology.  The personal planets are the ones closes to the sun; consequently, they have a strong influence in shaping the personality in a birth chart and impacting current events happening in our personal life.  Venus is know as the Morning Star because she rises before the sun, but is also visible in the evening during certain times of the year. Although the planet is named after the Roman goddess of  love, the qualities and folklore of  a goddess that rules over love, beauty, and pleasure is present in all ancient cultures and goes by many names, she is  Aphrodite to the Greeks, Oshun in Yoruba, Hathor in Egypt, and Istar in ancient Sumeria.  The goddess of love “character” is based in spiritual truth; love is one of the most powerful energy forces on the earth, when used correctly it can be just as powerful as brute force. Venus represents our ability to use the spiritual force of love to create, nurture, and manifest in the material world.

In astrology, Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus and Libra; in these two zodiac signs Venus  is able to express her qualities to the fullest. Venus both embodies and indulges in sensual pleasure which makes all things related to taste, touch, visual beauty, music, and smell important to these two signs. Taurus is Venus in its simplest, most natural form.   Taurus takes pleasure in the simple things; think mother earth when it comes to Taurus’ expression of  Venus – natural, holistic, and nurturing.  Libra is the refinement of Venus’ expression. It’s becomes less about simple pleasure and more about sharing pleasurable experiences with others. The best way to ensure consistency is to create a concept around what love, friendship, beauty, and fairness looks like when it’s properly achieved  and that’s exactly what Libra does. Libra is represented as scales because its goal is to maintain natural order, not necessarily man-made law but universal law. Libra, promotes balance and compromise as a means to maintain harmony and order on Venus’ behalf.


Venus in a Birth Chart

Venus in a birth chart or your Venus sign means the location of Venus at your time of birth (by zodiac sign and house placement).  It’s similar to saying what’s your zodiac sign –  which means the zodiac sign that the sun was in when you were born.  In the way that the sun dictates the way you express yourself, your natal Venus influences how you like to love, be loved, your personal style, your aesthetic flare, and “your type” when it comes to friends and love interests.

Venus’ priority is always attraction, beautification, and sensual pleasure but how this looks and feels depends on the zodiac sign she is in. For example, if your natal Venus is in Leo then you love like a Leo.  You will most likely be attracted to people who are passionate, confidence, and independent (fire signs).  You will express love and affection in grand and over the top ways and in return you need to feel appreciated and adored by your friends and lovers – all very Leo qualities.

Venus represents the power of attraction between similar things, it looks for commonalities and builds relationships and connections based on similarities. When it comes to “your type” in dating and even friendships Venus is the influence that makes certain qualities in people (both physical and personality) attractive – similar attracts similar.

If you are looking to please, take a look at that person’s natal Venus for guidance. The planet gives good clues on the best way to show appreciation, give the perfect gift, or how to put a smile of someones face.  That’s because Venus is all about pleasure, including sexual pleasure. Insight on sexually satisfying someone can also be found in the placement of Venus in their chart. There is a difference between lust and love and Venus is on the side of love.  A strong Venus connection between two people intensifies sexual chemistry, strengthens emotional bonds, and makes it all more meaningful. Venus is the sensual attraction, the foreplay, and even the environment or setting that would turn someone on.

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Venus’ Current Affairs

Venus spends 3 weeks in each zodiac sign; this is referred to as Venus’ current placement.  Venus’ 3 week stay in a sign as well as her interaction with other planets directly influences what we will experience in relationships, regulates the flow of money, and our cravings to indulge in sensual pleasures and self-love (food, drink, beauty rituals, ect.) in that time period.  Remember, Venus expresses herself through the sign of her current placement. Venus has an easier time express herself and carry out her responsibilities more effectively in some signs and in others she struggles.  If Venus is in a good place we will feel the blessings of love, money, and friendship effortlessly flowing to us.  In a difficult placement Venus becomes restricted  and we find ourselves in arguments, break-ups, loosing money, or feeling like we don’t look our best.

The most favorable placements for Venus is when she visits Taurus, Libra, and Pisces. She is powerful in these signs and can fully express herself.  When Venus is in these signs we feel good! We take time to practice self-love, we have money in our pockets, creativity sparks, and we celebrate with friends, family, and lovers.  Remember the Johnny Kemp song, “Just got paid, it’s Friday night, money in my pocket and I’m feeling right.”  It’s no coincidence that Friday is pay-day, beauty/barber shop day, and date night… Friday is Venus Day.

Venus has a difficult time in Virgo, Aries, and Scorpio; the signs are more controlling, self-focused, and aggressive than Venus is comfortable with so she struggles express herself.  Similarly when Venus makes contacts with fellow planets Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus be prepared for arguments, break-ups, power-struggles, and other unexpected changes in relationships or the flow of income.

Venus current placement, aspects to other planets, and even connections to your natal Venus are important factors to consider when you what to determine how Venus is influencing your life.   Answers to questions like,  will you meet someone new, what direction is your relationship is moving, the success of business endeavors, and if your new Tinder Boo will make it out the app and into your life can all be found by looking at Venus.






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