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The Influence of Venus and Your Love Style

Love Compatibility – we all need someone who loves the way that we do, someone who complements our love style and can take care of our needs.  In astrology, we look toward Venus’ placement in the natal chart (birth chart) to get a sense of our love style and who we are compatible with.  Venus influences how we show love and how we like to receive it.  Venus in women indicates how you approach sexual and intimate relationships.  In men, Venus influences what characteristics in women are attractive physically and qualities you look for in a meaningful relationship.

Venus the planet just like the goddess rules love, beauty, and all things related to the two.  Venus is about attraction, love, sensuality  and giving one’s self to another.  This is different from sexual attraction, passion, and lust those traits belong to Mars, the planet/ god of war.  Venus’ placement in a birth chart gives hints about your esthetic flare, appreciation of art and music, your creative talents, fashion sense, and most importantly how you like to show love and affection.    Thinking of planning a romantic date or purchasing a gift for someone – look to their Venus to get ideas of what reflects personal style and even the types of food and drink we enjoy a person will enjoy.

FYI – The placement of Venus can be different from the placement of the Sun in your chart (i.e. your zodiac sign).  For example, You can be a Leo but your Venus can be in another sign, however, the characteristics of Venus in Leo may sound familiar to you. You can get a free Natal Chart by Googling it, they are offered everywhere. Free ones aren’t always the most accurate but they are good if you want to know where the  planets are in your chart.

Find Your Venus and Uncover Your Personal Love Style

Venus in Aries – Warrior for Love

This isn’t a very comfortable place for Venus primarily because Venus’ energy is giving, delicate, sensual, and considerate where as Aries tends to be self-focused, assertive, strong, and physical.  Venus in Aries is passionate about the people and things they cherish; Aries shows passion strongly and physically.  If a Venus in Aries person doesn’t argue with you, have a strong opinion, or try to have a level of control then they aren’t that into you – they don’t waste energy on things they don’t want.  A difficult aspect of dealing with a Venus in Aries person is that they are self-focused but don’t realize it.  Venus in Aries people can be very giving and thoughtful so they don’t recognize when they are being self-centered.  This is something Venus in Aries will spend a lifetime working on.  If  you care for a Venus in Aries person then take some time and gently show them that everything doesn’t revolve around them.

When a woman has Venus in Aries she is comfortable being one of the guys; she may even have lots of guy friends.  While she is feminine she isn’t overly girly.  She will have a strong sense of self, not be afraid to pursue what she wants and doesn’t need constant affirmation from her lover. Loving a person with Venus in Aries can be intense at times. Both men and women need a strong lover, someone who is confident and assertive without coming across as dominating and who is also patient.

 Venus in Taurus – Sensual Goddess

Venus rules Taurus and is literally at home in this placement.  People with Venus in Taurus are solid providers, nurtures, and are affectionate.  Venus in Taurus shows love by nurturing – they will get you your favorite meal, make sure your favorite drink in always on tap, keep nice clothes on your back, and send you to weekly spa treatments.  Venus in Taurus embodies Venus’ physical and sensual nature.  Taurus lives through physical sensation which makes it a sensual and passionate lover.  The other side of the physicality of Taurus in Venus is the need to physically possess things, including their lover. Possessiveness is different from jealousy. When you own something its yours, you aren’t worried about someone taking it you just don’t want people’s paws on your stuff. This is all good when it comes to shoes, cars, and TVs but people don’t like to feel like a possession.

In return, Venus in Taurus people needs a solid partner, someone who they can build with, who will help support the home, and won’t jeopardize their stability or finances.  Regardless of their sex, Venus in Taurus people are the strong silent type.  They aren’t full of warm, mushy words but they have tons of hugs, kisses, and gentle embraces for you; they will show you they love you instead of talking about it.  Venus in Taurus people are down to earth when it comes to love, they focus on the basics and their loyalty is unmatched.  These people are very loyal as long as you deserve it. They don’t give their hearts away easily but when they do they are in it for the long-haul.

 Venus in Gemini – Love is in the Air

In this placement Venus is a social, free-spirited lover.  Venus typically likes to focus its love on one person at a time but in Gemini Venus becomes quite the busy body.  Gemini is an air sign, it likes fun experiences, innovate ideas,  to talk about a variety of topics, and then it move on to something else.  Love for a Venus in Gemini person is similar.  The idea of love is a beautiful picture, the romantic dates, the tender moments, the hours of conversation, someone to share ideas with – yes what a lovely picture.  However, after living in that picture perfect romance for a while Venus in Gemini may get restless and feel the urge to experience a different picture of love. This doesn’t mean Venus in Gemini jumps from relationship to relationship. In actuality, they will commit to one person but the urge to explore will still be there so explore they will.  It’s just fun and games, they always return home to the one they love.

Wondering how Venus in Gemini show love – verbally of course. They will tell you, sing it to you, write it down Gemini loves to communicate their thoughts and feeling and they need to be told they are loved as well.  If you like excitement, change, lot’s of socializing, and verbal proclamations of love then you have found the right one.  Venus in Gemini has a dual nature, they are good with understanding concepts so they will quickly learn what makes you happy in love and give that to you; however, they can become self-focused and be a little mean and be thoughtless at times.  Venus in Gemini people may not always be committed in their actions but they will commit with their heart.  They need someone who can ground them without tying them down.

 Venus in Cancer – Love and Emotion

Venus in Cancer is nurturing, emotional, and supportive in love.  This expression of Venus is genuine, deep, and unconditional.  In Cancer, Venus’ goal is to fulfill relationship needs related to security and emotion connection. Regardless if the person is a man or woman, they will cook for you, take care of household chores, attend family events, and help you in any way that they can – they will try to be your all. Venus in Cancer reminds me of the Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo collaboration, Nothing Even Matters…get fired,  car gets stolen, the buildings drift out to sea…nothing matters as long as you two are together. Venus in Cancer craves a deep love with someone who they can fully combine their life with and build a home and family.

Venus in Cancer is emotional and intuitive, gut feelings take the lead over logic. It’s common for someone with Venus in Cancer to be able to sense their lovers needs and feelings without words.  This deep sensing ability contributes to Venus in Cancer’s moodiness, insecurity, and clingy ways. One lesson for Venus in Cancer is to be more aware of their sensitivity and mood swings in order  to cutback  on dramatic displays and unnecessary arguments.  Another lesson for Venus in Cancer is learning to create balance by not expecting your lover to be your everything or wanting to be everything to your lover. Find ways to connect outside side of emotional intensity, like hobbies or business endeavors.  Give your lover space to do things without a guilt trip. Venus in Cancer people need a loyal, dedicated lover, who can tolerate their moodiness and keep them laughing.

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Venus in Leo –  The Love Show

Leo accentuates Venus’ thoughtful, giving, and creative side.  Leo is a social creature, that needs to be the center of attention and receive lots of praise.  While this sounds very self-centered (and it is) Leo knows that it has to give itself to others in a genuine and honest way to receive the praise it wants. This attitude blends well with Venus who likes to give of itself in beautiful, thoughtful, and genuine ways. Venus loves to possess and be surrounded by beautiful things, similarly Leo loves to indulge in the finer things of life – extravagant, expensive, and bold is  Venus in Leo’s style. These two energies blend very well, the biggest difference is Leo’s need for praise which is its primary motivator in all that it does. People with Venus in Leo view their lover as an extension or representation of themselves and expect them to play a prominent role in their life. Venus in Leo likes to shower their lover with gifts and affection and will include them in activities, family events, and possibly even business. Venus in Leo’s standards are high and if you aren’t meeting those expectations, this Venus will tell you what you need to do to improve even if you aren’t interested in their opinion. Venus in Leo needs someone who can match their drive, who can be a trusted voice of reason, and who will feed their emotional need for  validation and recognition.  Yes, they ask for a lot but they have no problem returning the favor.

Venus in Virgo – Discerning Love 

Virgo is the sign of perfection, it tries to make things perfect as possible while setting a standard of excellence.  To carry out this hefty task, Virgo energy is structured, judging, aware, yet graceful.  Virgo the Virgin is pure of intention giving its all to anything it does because it’s all is it’s very best.   Venus in this placement makes for a lover that is earthy and sensual that is no holds barred when it comes to pleasing her lover.  Venus in Virgo prides itself on being able to take care of its lovers needs, it wants to keep them happy physically, mentally, and emotionally and will do whatever it takes to make sure those needs are met.  If you need cheering up, alone time, feel like being social, need a solution to a problem, or even need to get to the gym to get in shape – your Venus in Virgo lover is there to help problem solve and make things better.

In the pursuit of perfection, Venus in Virgo can get so wound up and focused on the details it can push love away. The structure and judgmental ways of Virgo is difficult for Venus to adopt,  Venus may start to doubt her value by thinking she isn’t perfect enough for the relationship or falter in judgment when analyzing the details or estimating the value of the relationship. When these situations arise it’s best for Venus in Virgo to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and remember no one is perfect, we are all works in progress.  Their ideal mate will be a voice of reason, that is supportive, honest, and can help Venus in Virgo lighten up and enjoy the ride even if it gets bumpy.

Venus in Libra –  The Graceful Goddess

This is one of Venus’ favorite signs to be in.  Venus rules both Taurus and Libra and in these signs she can be herself completely; although her expression is different in each sign.  In Libra, Venus is refined, thoughtful, harmonious, and graceful.   Venus in Libra aims to please.  People with this placement pay attention to their lover’s likes, needs, and wants and then does those things.  Expect attention, affection, thoughtful surprises, and dedication from a lover or friend with Venus in Libra.  People with Venus in Libra are very talented in design, music, poetry, and at making things look stylish.  These talents come through in all that they do including expressions of love.  Venus in Libra are true romantics. They need attention, affection, praise, and someone who can deal with their occasional burst of emotion fueled drama.

Venus in Libra will do almost anything to keep their lover happy and at ease, this is Venus’ giving nature at it’s best.  The downfall is that Venus in Libra doesn’t always know how to say “enough” and can end up draining their energies.  Instead of saying “no” they will get upset for reasons unknown to their lover. Libra isn’t a fan of confrontation so instead of just saying there is an issue they may withdraw, vent to other people, or act out dramatically.  Instead of addressing the situation or arguing, Libra is more comfortable with finding another source for attention or affection they seek. One misconception is that Venus in Libra is all warm, fuzzy, and emotional but that’s not the total truth. In Taurus (an earth sign), Venus is sensitive and emotional.  In Libra (an air sign), Venus is thinking and conceptualizing; it’s more about living out their idea of how love should look and feel rather than possessing love’s emotion. An ideal mate for Venus in Libra is one with whom they share similar ideals, someone who can take the lead but who doesn’t try to completely dominate, and most importantly they must be able to make Venus in Libra feel loved and appreciated.

 Venus in Scorpio – Love Intensely

Venus in Scorpio makes for a very deep, intense, and supportive lover. They are fun, creative, supportive, and a great resource to have.  Scorpio lives to master all that they do, including their relationships.  When they commit to someone they immerse themselves into the relationship, giving their all, and is dedicated to making it work.  For this reason, superficial connections and surface relationships are of no interest to Venus in Scorpio people.  Scorpio operates in the abyss, its deep, it use intuition and emotion as it’s guide and is not afraid to look fear and problems in the eye. The murky, depths of Scorpio is not the natural environment for Venus,  she prefers to be light, social, and less contained.  In love, Venus in Scorpio needs a deep emotional connection and to have a level of control over the relationship.  If not checked, Venus in Scorpio can consume their lover’s feelings until it’s hard to tell where their feelings and emotions end and their lovers begin – they intertwine into one. Jealousy and being overbearing are other traits that can run a muck if not checked. Because Venus in Scorpio will be the serious one in the relationship, their lover will need to have a lighter take on things. Venus in Scorpio will offer their lover support and strength and needs a lover to help them release some of that intensity.

 Venus in Sagittarius – Independent Love

Rather male or female, Venus in Sagittarius people tend to be eternal bachelors.   It’s not that Venus in Sagittarius don’t want commitment, they just want it on their terms.  Sagittarius is a fire sign who is self-focused and extremely independent. This influence makes the typically giving and compromising Venus more focused on its own needs and more  stubborn than usual. Sagittarius is naturally a social creature but  is very comfortable being alone.  For this reason, being in a relationship isn’t a necessity for a person with Venus in Sag.  Similarly, they don’t like to do everything with their mate, they will go off alone or spend time with friends without their significant other. Sagittarius is very confident and not the jealous type but if you break their trust the relationship is as good as over. This is because Sag is the sign of faith and optimism and it is hard for them to be in a place of negativity and mistrust – they will leave.  If you are dating a Venus in Sag person you must understand that they will be slightly detached.  They must have the freedom to express themselves and follow their passion. Attempts to stop them will be taken personally. The trick to get them to compromise by guiding them down the path in a way that looks like they came to the decision on their own. Venus becomes more physical and assertive in fiery Sagittarius.  Venus is sensual and likes to take time to please her lover but in Sagittarius Venus becomes more assertive, aggressive and demanding; sex will be a memorable experience indeed. Dates will have a physical element as well, dancing, hiking, or maybe even roller-skating; sitting around staring into each others eyes all day won’t cut it with Venus in Sagittarius.  Culture and travel is also very important so gifts, food, books, and artwork from foreign places or cultures are always a win.

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 Venus in Capricorn – The Business of Love

Venus has a strong connection with physical pleasures, anything you can touch, create, eat, drink, feel, or possess falls under Venus’ rule.  Capricorn is the sign that works hard to gain the recognition and the riches to possess tangible things.  If you combine these two, you get a Venus that takes a business approach to love and relationships.  It sounds a little stiff but it actually isn’t all bad.  In business the goal must be clear so that everyone is working toward the same thing, lines of communication must remain open, and responsibilities  and expectations are clear.   Communication, goal-setting, and clear expectations are also important to and of benefit in love relationships as well. The only business function that isn’t easily translated into love is Capricorn’s realistic, black and white approach when dealing with emotions and matters of the heart.  Venus in Capricorn is dedicated and loyal and will work at and even comprise to improve their relationships.  However, when it is apparent that it’s not working and can’t be fixed Venus in Capricorn will let go because it’s the practical thing to do.  Just like in business, cut losses and move on. People with Venus in Capricorn are providers regardless if they are men or women.  They feel a duty to take care of everyone they love and they do it with a smile and ask for nothing in return.  Supporting the ones they love and being able to take care of things brings them pleasure. These intelligent, dedicated, and balanced people provide stability and dependability in relationships.  What they need is someone who can lighten their load, help them forget the stress of their day-to-day and can touch their heart with sentiment.

 Venus in Aquarius – Loves Contradiction

Aquarius is an air sign and like all air signs its mode of operating is through thought and logic instead of feeling and emotion.  Aquarius is structured, fair, and compassionate and is concerned with taking care of the group at large rather than individuals in the group.  When you combine this energy with Venus you have someone who has structured ideas of what love is, what it looks like, and what they are willing to do or not do for the sake of love.  Venus in Aquarius is loving, protective, compassionate, and social. Their ideas related to love may seem eccentric or different compared to traditional views but Aquarius is a pioneer so that is to be expected. These people’s interest can range from partying at a club, a discussion on Native American religion, fashion, to politics.  The ability to speak intelligently on multiple relevant topics and move in different circles, all while being authentic is a thing of beauty for Venus in Aquarius.  While petty behavior, low-level thinking, and being inconsiderate of others are turn offs.  So you may be wondering where the contradiction lies.  Aquarius find it easier to relate to people as part of groups or units than individuals with feelings and emotions.  If their love interest becomes clingy, demanding, or forces a point of view that is too different from their own or intrudes on their belief system it maybe viewed an a personal attack to which Venus in Aquarius will respond by becoming detached, cold, and insensitive.  This sudden unbothered behavior is a complete contradiction from the sweet, upbeat person who was there just 20 minutes ago.  Venus in Aquarius does well with mates who share similar ideas and principles and who are confident and independent. This type of person can handle Venus in Aquarius’ logical and structured approach to love as well as their highly independent nature without constantly getting their toes stepped on.

Venus in Pisces – Exalted Goddess

Venus has superpowers in Pisces! The two energies of Pisces and Venus meld together in a way that is strong yet beautiful.  Pisces operates on the emotional plane but has a strong connection to spirit. With Pisces all things are possible because it realizes we are all connected to one source and not the physical world. Pisces ability to detach from the physical world allows Venus to create beautiful, out of this world works of art, music, dance, and other artistic displays.  Pisces has a healing nature and is very attune to the energy of other people, many Pisces are very intuitive.  Venus uses Pisces intuitiveness to almost instinctively understand people and give them what they need to feel comfortable and at peace.  Venus in Pisces is graceful, creative, giving, loyal, and sensual on very higher level.  Speaking of sensual and healing, sex is both those things with Venus in Pisces.  Their need for touch, connection, and joining sexually is very strong.  They will immerse themselves fully and allow their lover to express themselves freely. In love, Venus in Pisces has the tendency to give too much and when they feel taken advantage of they can get very angry.  This anger can be a mild cold shoulder to a full-blown dramatic display right before they kick you to the curb.  Venus is how we give our love and in Pisces she gives and gives, forgetting that she also needs to be taken care of and treated with love.



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