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Love’s Worth – Venus Goes Retrograde in Capricorn


double-loveBeautiful Venus, the second planet from the sun, ruler of love, beauty, marriage, art, and partnerships will be in retrograde for the next forty days (December 21, 2013 – January 31, 2014).  Retrograde is when a planet appears to be traveling backwards.  When planets are in retrograde it is a time to revisit past situations, past places and a time for internal reflection. This Venus retrograde is right on time for the upcoming New Year.


Venus’ retrograde will take place as the sun travels through the sign Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of discipline, restraint, hard work, and family.  Venus takes love and relationships more seriously when in Capricorn.  Are you rooted in something that makes you unhappy but struggle to push forward? Capricorn’s influence over Venus will force you to evaluate love relationship, friendships, and your work to determine their worthiness in your life.  Capricorn will also influence you to create an action plan for your goals.  Any relationships or projects that no longer serve you or where you aren’t getting the return you expected will most likely end or change drastically.   Now is the time to create a new season of harmony with Venus in transit. The theme during the retrograde will be either Fix It and Move Forward or End It and Move On. You will feel empowered to make changes and stick to them.


For the next forty days, connect with that part of yourself that you give to everyone else, often neglecting yourself. Reevaluate the relationships and commitments that you’ve created for yourself.  If you recognize something or someone is not what you want, change it and create a plan to get what you need to be happy.  A retrograde is never the time to take action or start something new because when the planet, in this case Venus, goes direct again (forward) you risk your work being undone.  Always wait for planets to be direct when you implement ideas or plans. If a love relationship is not good, end it but don’t start a new one yet; however, you can start putting yourself out there.  If you are ready to make a career move, don’t quit your job during the transit but do reach out to your networks and tweak your resume.  You have the power to be all you desire for yourself and more.  Be good to yourself during the Venus in retrograde, love on yourself, create balance and get rooted in the truth of who you are.  It’s a beautiful truth.




Written by Kymberle M. Joseph





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