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The Renewal Recap: Karma, Destiny, and the Future

Earlier this month, I co-hosted Nourishing Moments: The Renewal; the event’s purpose was to create an intimate setting where women could nourish their mind, body, and spirit.

The Renewal unlocked wisdom from the universe and shed insight on the astrological events that have been going on since December, specifically interactions between Karmic and Destiny points and how they are urging us all to grow into a better version of self. That conversation was followed up with a discussion on the  astrological opportunities coming this spring and how to use them to springboard from our current position into something new and fresh.

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“We had to go through difficulties over the last few months in order to realize what was no longer working”

The Karma point (South Node) has been paired up with Chiron (the Wounded Healer)  while the Density point (North Node) was partnered up with Jupiter. The two teams are on opposing sides dreading up old hurts, belief systems, and ways of behaving that are no longer working.  This wasn’t easy, especially because if forced us to really go into our personal depths to remedy the situation.  This karmic lesson came to full head during the two eclipses that took place in March.  The eclipses brough change, some good, some bad, and some totally unexpected.  Eclipse season is the universe’s version of spring cleaning – cleaning out the old, the useless, and things that no longer fit to make room for new things to enter.  The onset of spring and Aries season put us back in the reigns and renewed our confidence and determination.  Check out a piece of the discussion on learning our karmic lesson, growing towards our true destiny, and what awaits this spring.

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The event was complemented with nourishment for body in the form a delicious earl grey infused Madeleine’s courtesy of Beauty Loves Company catering and delightful tea-cocktails from Tea by Tiffany.  This was my first time having a tea based cocktail and it was delicious and a perfect complement to the vibe of the event, light and refreshing, without a heavy buzz feeling.

The event was held at Tracy Chambers Vintage, a stylish vintage clothing boutique located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.  Tracy Chambers Vintage is a women owned business named after Diana Ross’ character in Mahogany.  I think all of this is pretty special and the energy of the space severed as the perfect backdrop for the event.  And let’s be honest, retail therapy definitely does something positive for the spirit.

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Chatting with a couple of the wonderful women who attended


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