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Taurus Season: Harness the Power of the Bull

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, represented by the earthy, determined, and powerful bull.  In Aries, we expressed our individuality and planted seeds of creativity.  During  Taurus season we take the necessary steps to nurture and cultivate those seeds to end up with a successful and fruitful bounty down the road.  Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which gives this sign an earthy and raw appreciation for beauty, sensuality, food, and the arts. For Taurus, there is no greater beauty than nature itself; nature is where Taurus goes to connect to spirituality and center itself.  Strong-willed, loyal and diligent Taurus is a great resource it times of difficulty.  They have a keen ability to see past the chaos and focus on what needs to be done to get through the situation in the best possible way. Ultimately this zodiac sign is concerned with creating tangible comfort and security for its self; the motto for Taurus is “I Possess”.  To that end, Taurus will work long and hard to achieve it’s career and financial goals and then use it’s monetary possession to build a life that it is comfortable with.  Work and money is very important because that is what gives Taurus security. The bull is  most concerned with security than pure wealth, preferring quality over quantity in most things.

Regardless of your sign, use the energy of Taurus Season to help you focus on the tasks and methods needed to achieve your long-term goals.  Taurus is patient and diligent; don’t expect overnight success but move forward with confidence knowing that the things you do now will eventually blossom into something beautiful. Be true to yourself and believe in your gifts and talents, your natural resources are your best assets in helping you get what you want.  Lastly, stop to smell the roses.  Appreciate the beauty in the small things and remember that everything and everyone is connected in the universe.   The theme for the season is to work hard with determined focus but take time to indulge in the fun, sensual side of life.

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