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Taurus Motto: I Possess

Taurus Motto: I Possess


Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and is Fixed.  True to the  nature of fixed signs, Taurus is determined, reliable, steady, stubborn and resistant to change.  When the sun was in Aries, their was an explosion of ideas, creativity and putting things into action.  As the sun moves into Taurus, the job of the bull is to ensure that the ideas and tasks that were created in Aries grow into success. Tauruses are the growers and cultivators. Taurus  always successfully complete any job or goal they set their mind too, usually at a slow and steady pace. This may appear to some as lazy but in actuality Taurus is taking time to think things over and analyze the situation before they implement.  Taurus prefer to get it done correctly the first time. They don’t mind working hard and their need for material security is their key motivator.   This doesn’t mean they want the biggest house on the block or the most expensive car on the lot (although they may); Taurus just needs enough to meet their personal ideas of security and comfort – this is what defines their self-worth.

 Taurus does have a bit of a reputation for being stubborn, mean and cheap but I feel it’s just a misunderstanding.  You just need to understand their point of view.  Taurus, both men and women, are the strong silent types.  They are down to earthy, easy-going and prefer to just get along. While generally outgoing and fun, they aren’t over talkative and don’t pour out emotion.  Ruled by the planet Venus, which is associated with beauty and love, Taurus like the simple but finer things in life.  If you want to make a Taurus  happy give them good food, good drinks, good conversation, nice music, a beautiful view and high quality anything, but nothing gaudy. Quality and comfort is the key here – Taurus will save and budget to get what they want and won’t waste their hard earnings on things they deem frivolous.   Typically patient and understanding, it takes a lot to anger a bull.  But if you get them to that point, watch out, they come full force at you – verbally and physically.  You will run into problems when you try to force them to do anything, mess with their possessions or lie to them.  Taurus are passionate about everything they care about- people, belonging and their ideals. Trying to get a Taurus to change their mind isn’t easy but it is possible. You just have to take your time to make them understand how changing direction is beneficial and will be successful.  If it makes sense to them, they will change – but only if it make sense.

Taurus I  April 21-30

Taurus born this week tend to be very dominate and strong-willed but seek balance and structure in all aspects of their lives.  Typically very skilled in technical, financial and artistic structure, Taurus I make excellent leaders.  They have great vision for the end result but their focus is on creating the structure and foundation to successfully get them there.  Although very dominate and hard-headed, Taurus I are the most out-going, talkative and team oriented members of the sign.  Taurus I understands that in order to accomplish their goal their team  (or family) needs to be in harmony; to that end, I’s will do what is necessary to smooth things over and keep others in good spirits so that they don’t have to spend too much time managing the day to day so that they can focus on bigger things.   Think about how a leader in an organization gives his employees what they need to be content at work so that they get their jobs done and make him more money – that is Taurus I.

Taurus I is very passionate, loyal and aggressive.  When they are angered or challenged they will respond in a very frank and aggressive manner (verbally or physically).  However, they are still sensitive creatures.  If someone they care about hurts or takes advantage of them, it really catches them off guard and effects them deeply.  Taurus I more than any other member of the sign tend to over-indulge in their appetite for sex, drinking and eating.

Taurus II May 1-10

Those born in this week are characterized by their charm and tact. They enjoying learning and teaching others and have a way with words. Being well versed in multiple subjects, coupled with their ability to express themselves in a receptive way makes Taurus II  very alluring to others; they easily attract people.    Taurus II are natural leaders and entrepreneurs- people tend to naturally take orders from and fall inline behind them.

Taurus II is very honest and have a high moral stance, especially when it comes to being fair.  They clearly communicate their expectations and set boundaries with others.  While people love to be around Taurus II, Taurus II needs time alone and will isolate themselves from time to time.  IIs have the tendency to be demanding and critical, which unintentionally hurts others feelings.  They are not trying to be mean, they just don’t realize that not everyone can handle such direct honesty.

Taurus III May 11-21

Taurus III are the  most cerebral and methodical out of the group and the most likely to consistently achieve goals. They are the thinkers and creators.  IIIs are dedicated, diligent, loyal and patient in all aspects of their lives – career, friendships and love.  Because they tend to live in their own heads, they come across as reserved and boring –  that is until you get to know them.  Taurus III are actually very  spontaneous, free-spirited, funny and have a strong sensual nature.

These free-spirited thinkers need to learn to lighten-up and control their impulses.  Over-thinking everything can cause problems and make them rigid.  Taurus III bore easily and their craving for change and their impulsive behavior if not controlled can get them in trouble.

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  • Tabatha Collies-Pagtakhan May 1, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    What I absolutely love about this months post is the breakdown of Taurus. I have very dear and close friends/family that fits in 2 II and III, this nails their personality to the tee! I am really looking forward to the next post.


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