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Sun & Jupiter + a Super Moon: It’s Gonna be a Lucky Week!

There is a wise saying,” Preparation Plus Opportunity Equal Success.”  Take this to heart and act accordingly, the week of  August 24th can be very lucky for you.  There are two astrological events going on this week that can result in happiness and good fortune.  Here’s what coming up and how to prepare.

August 26th The Luckiest Day for the Rest of the Year!

On August 26th the Sun and Jupiter will form a positive aspect called a conjunct. Basically, it means the Sun and Jupiter’s energy will blend together and send an optimistic, expressive, and lucky boost of energy our way.  The Sun dictates our self-expression, creativity, and how we radiate ourselves out into the world.  Jupiter is the planet that brings good luck, expansion, optimism, and opportunity.  When you combine them it makes for a wonderful day of opportunity and good luck.

How to Get Ready for August 26th

The Sun and Jupiter will be hand-in-hand in Virgo on August 26th.  Virgo is the sign of perfection, health, and analysis to achieving the best results.  If you want to reap the benefits of this favorable aspect you have to plan, prepare, and stay ready.  When opportunity knocks open the door with your ideas, resume, or documents in hand.  Now is the time to be out in the world, opportunity is waiting for you but it’s not sitting in your living room.  You never know who is listening or watching so put your best foot forward at all times. If you are waiting on confirmation, a love spark, legal matters to be resolved, a loan, or news of new income expect to get it this week –  as long as you do your part.

Super Moon (Full Moon) in Pisces on August 29th

The good luck and fortune of August 26th will flow into the Super Moon in Pisces taking place on August 29th. The Super Moon is a full moon.  Full Moons are times of  culmination and release. If you reaped good crops then it’s time to harvest the fruits of your labor. If you made a good effort but didn’t get the success you were looking for then now is the time to start over fresh.  The moon will be in Pisces, the sign of compassion, healing, and creativity. The energy will guide you towards healing – your body, your mind, and your relationships .  Pisces knows that we are all souls living a human experience and we all deserve compassion and understanding.  Keep this in mind when dealing with yourself and others this week.

On the Full Moon, spend time thinking about any out-dated belief systems or behaviors you need to let go of in order to manifest a new and better experience.  Your emotions will be running high but bring the energy back into your self.  What do you need to release, accept, and heal to be a better person? Venus is still in retrograde until September 6th. Use this full  moon to release bad relationships or if you plan to keep the relationship, let go of any old garbage so that you can restart fresh.

Celebrate your victories but be mindful not to overindulge in eating, drinking, or anything that helps you avoid reality.  Spend time alone, get in touch with yourself and your spirituality.  Write down your dreams, your intuition, and any sudden burst of inspiration.  Over the next couple of weeks these things will become clearer and give you direction.


Have you been touched by the luck of Jupiter and the Super Moon? I’m feeling the good vibes, what about you?


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