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Spotlight on Taurus – Omar Hamilton

Omar Hamilton Taurus III

The Taurus spotlight is on Omar Hamilton.  I met Omar a few years back when I was planning a fundraising event.  The thing  I remember most about that initial meeting was Omar’s presence; he was friendly and professional yet reserved and confident. The embodiment of the strong, silent type.  As I got to know Omar better, he was very cool and down to earth.  He has a successful business which provides him the opportunity to work with high profile people (you’ve heard of Oprah right?) but he is never arrogant and always humble.  He is definitely a thinker, you can sometimes see the wheels spinning in his head as he is thinking things through, figuring out the best solution or the right way to proceed.  Although he hosts parties and events for a living, he doesn’t come off as a party animal at all.  During his events, he always presents himself with professionalism; he is working but  takes the time to interact with everyone and makes sure they are having a good time.  I’m not saying he doesn’t partake in the fun, he is definitely a good time.

When I learned that Omar and I share the same birthday it all made perfect sense.  In true Taurus III nature, he is naturally analytical and a problem solver.  You can rely on him to get it done and get it done right, which makes him a trustworthy, go-to person. I’ve gone to him when I was in a tight spot and within an hour my problem was solved.  Although he has a reserved demeanor  he easily attracts people with his good energy and he is fun to be around.  All Taurus are motivated by material and tangible wealth, their motto is “I Have”.  You will notice in Omar’s answers below he is motivated by work; however he is guided by family traditions and spiritual beliefs. Taurus III more than any other week of Taurus are able to manifest success, consistently. To that point, it is no coincidence that Omar has been able to transform his enjoyment for travel, networking and fun experiences into a full-service, experiential, event planning business.

 Here is more about Omar in his own words

Give 3 words that describe you:  Stubborn, Loyal, Focused

 What is your approach to life:  “To think is an incomplete action.” – We, as people, (especially those of us of color) tend to think and talk about great ideas. They mean nothing until you start to implement.  A good first step is to write them down and give the idea a meaning. Visualization helps to motivate to action.

 What things are most important to you: 

My family – they mean the world to me.

My health – as long as you have your health all things are possible.

My faith – You have to believe in something. Whether its Jesus, Ali, Judah, Buddah, Selassi, etc… You must know there is a higher power and reasons for things happening.

What are your hobbies and interests: I workout at least 5 times a week with a few friends. We call ourselves #teamgetright. Keeps me calm and balanced.  I love to travel anywhere there is a beach.  Both my parents are from Kingston, Jamaica and growing up I was taken on a vacation every year.  Makes sense because I don’t feel complete without a few beach visits per year.

What are you doing when you feel most yourself: 

Work – My company is called OHPsalms. Psalms in the Bible is said to be the book where feelings and emotions are transcribed into words; OH are my initials so OHPsalms are my feelings and emotions transcribed through my work.  All my projects reflect who I am, how I live and things I believe in, such as charitable giving.

 Limin’ on a beach (Limin’ is a Caribbean term for socializing w/friends). I produce large Caribbean trips in conjunction w/Caribbean Tourism Authorities such as St. Lucia, Barbados, Curacao & more. This highly reflects a huge part of who I am.

Omar Hamilton B.K.A The Lifestyle Architect is the Founder/CEO of OHPsalms, LLC event planning for corporate networking affairs, conferences, and regular social soirees.  His annual Memorial Day Weekend with friends has blossomed into an annual vacation for hundreds of tastemakers around the world.  Recently, OHPsalms created a  festival in Barbados labeled “Limin’ in the Sun.” The festival is a fusion of American and Barbadian culture, with events and local brand sponsorship.  Interested in vacation destinations or unique nightlife experiences, follow Omar on Twitter and Instagram @ohpsalms


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