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Spotlight on Aries – Sherilyn Ferdinand


Sherilyn Ferdinand – Aries III

For the Aries spotlight I picked Sheri Ferdinand – she embodies many of the Aries III characteristics; creative, outgoing, goal-oriented and adventurous. She has a creative mind and loves coming up with ideas and bringing them to fruition.  We both work in the Marketing field and have many great discussions about trends and new technology that typically leads to her telling me about a new idea or project she is working on.  She loves to plan and knows how to get things done. Casually mention that you want to have a dinner party-she will have the event planned with in 48 hours including  menu, location, responsibilities and  a party theme.

She loves to stay active and participates in many activities.  In true Aries form, she likes to make connections and has a few different circles – each one linked to one of her many interests.  While this Aries girl loves to be in the mix, you will rarely find her just hanging around a club unless there is a great band or it’s a real dance party. She  prefers spending time with her friends and family partaking in one of her many interest or enjoying good food.

Here is a little about Sheri in her own words:

Haitian-Filipino Chicago girl living in NYC.  Digital artist and passionate entrepreneur.  I like to push people off of cliffs (i.e. push them out of their comfort zones) to accomplish their goals (i.e. that which they are most passionate about).  I love clowning with my friends as laughter is truly one of the best medicines to healing any struggles that come with adult life.

Give 3 words that best describe you:  Passionate, adventurous, friend

What’s your approach to life:  My approach to life is simply to follow your passion and do what makes you happy.  Work hard so you can afford to play harder, but do work that is fulfilling for yourself or makes a difference.

What things are most important to you:  Peace of mind has become one of the most important things to me.  I don’t like drama or conflict but I believe in honesty and fairness.  Enjoying life is also important to me — everything from spending time with loved ones, having great conversations with good friends, and trying new things.  Boredom is not an option.

What are your hobbies and interest:  I love brunching, after-work networking, dining, dessert-ing amongst great company (especially when it involves bottomless mimosas).  I love the arts — especially music, dance and interactive art.  In recent years, I’ve embraced my inner artist and began creating and exhibiting pieces of my digital art.  I also like to working and surrounding myself with creative people.  I love to try new things from restaurants, plays, new places to shop, activities I’ve never done before (example I went skiing for the first time a few months ago and LOVED it), and I love to create and share these experiences with those who matter the most to me.

What are you doing when you feel most yourself:

I explore — usually it’ll be an art gallery or an area in NYC that I haven’t explored often.  I do this more to find inspiration for creating.

I pamper — hair did, nails did, everything This also includes shopping.  When I’m doing absolutely for self, I like to pamper alone for peace and serenity and to be in my own thoughts.

I work — in quaint little tea and coffee shops, usually mom & pop owned through Manhattan and BK. I go to these places alone to work on my business with just my headphones, laptop, and a cup of great tea.  One of my favorite things to do.

Sheri owns a digital consultancy, RamenBerry Studio, is an adjunct professor of Digital Media at Toruro College and does freelance digital projects for companies such as Macy’s and Toys R Us.  Learn more about Sheri’s projects and adventures at and on Twitter and Instagram @ramenberry



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