Love Attraction Kit


Heal hurt and damaged self-confidence stemming from broken relationships to draw healthy and positive expressions of love.  The kit helps to release sadness, anger, and hurt and improves self-love to help attract unconditional love, affection, and friendship.

Kit Includes:

– 1  12 oz. Agape Candle

– 1 Rose Quartz stone

– 1 box of long stem matches

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Product Description

Everything good flows from love.  Broken relationships and friendships can cause emotional wounds, sadness, and hurt self-esteem.  These wounds need to be repaired so that you can heal important relationships and attract true love, affection, happiness, and boost self-love.


Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love. It balances emotions, releases stress and sadness, and brings a sense of peace.  Rose Quartz opens the heart to compassion for ourself and others and is used to attract new love or recommit to current love. It also helps you express unexpressed feelings and emotions. Rose Quartz is used to balance and strengthen the heart chakra.


The Agape candle heals hurt, pain, and sadness caused from broken relationships.  It attracts true love, friendship, increase self-love, and balance hurt emotions.

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Weight 24 oz


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