Love Empowerment Candle and Herbal Bath Set

Love Empowerment Candle and Herbal Bath Set


The Empowering Love Kit inspires passion, personal authority, and victory with the help of dragon’s blood fragrance, rose, lavender, and a special blend of magical herbs including abre camino (road opener) to open a path for healing, attraction, and manifesting love

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The Love Empowerment kit includes a special edition Empowerment candle and a special herbal bath made with fresh herbs and dried flowers to help you emotionally and physically prepare to heal wounds from love while attracting new love to you.  This candle can be used by singles who want to draw a new, better suited love  and for those that are attached and ready to evolve the relationship and the expression of love within.

The kit brings about personal strength, authority, and trust to ignite passion and will-power to get what you want in love.  Dragon’s blood banishes negative energy, attracts committed relationships, and focusing your mind on attaining what you want.  The plants and herbs in herbal baths contain both healing and manifesting properties as a way to prepare yourself physically and mentally express your personal strength and attract success in love.  The herbal bath can be used as a soak or as a rinse in the shower.

Note: The Love Empowerment candle is a different blend than the traditional Empowerment candle.  Also, because fresh herbs are used, each order is made to order.

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