Empower 12oz. Candle


Empower yourself, pursue your passion, and take command with the Empower ritual candle.  This candle is handmade and infused with rose and sandalwood for a delicate, inspiring scent.  The dressed version comes decorated with a blend of herbs and flowers to strengthen your powers of  attraction especially when used with candle magic and in everyday rituals.

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Empower yourself to follow your passion, assert yourself, and pursue your desires.  Ideas and dreams are great but to achieve your desires you have to physically go after them. Self-doubt and fear are typical reason that we don’t follow our heart’s desires.  This floral-musk blend will inspire you to light the fire, take action, and believe in abilities – if you want it go get it!

All candles are hand poured.  Candle burn time: 84 hours

Weight 20 oz


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