Visionary Candle Kit


Attract success, originality, and good luck. This kit includes our Glory candle and a Citrine crystal to get your creative juices flowing and inspires mental flexibility, new ideas, and fresh perspectives.  Release mental blocks and attachments to the status quo in order to create a new vision for success.  Ideal for business, creative projects, or when a completely new perspective is needed.

Kit includes:

– 12 oz. Glory Candle

– medium Citrine crystal

– box of long stem matches


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Product Description

The Creative Vision kit strengthens your intentions and  helps manifest positivity, originality, and optimism. This  pairing stimulates new ideas, gives you the confidence to bring your vision to life, and the energy to share it with others.  Yellow and citrine clears and strengthen the solar plexus chakra.

Citrine is known for its powers of energizing and cleansing.  Citrine radiates a happy, outgoing energy and activates the imagination, mental agility, and communication. This stone inspires new ideas,  strengthens focus to develop those ideas, and the perseverance to see ideas through to fruition.

The dressed version of this candles is adorned with a blend of flowers and herbs that attracts positivity, clear thinking, and mental flexibility.  The blend protects you in your travels, brings luck when you take risks, and protects you from gossip and negative thinking.

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Weight 6 oz


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