Astrology Basics Course


Astrology Basics: Foundations of Astrology and Reading a Natal Chart

$115 (before 9/30) ; $125 (regular)

In this 3 part class we will dive into the basics of astrology including the planets, the zodiac signs, the astrological wheel, and simple aspects.  This basic information will open up a deeper level of understanding of the universe’s influence on your personality as well as how it’s currently impacting daily life.

We will touch on the meaning of the sun, moon, and rising in a natal chart, the elements of the zodiac signs, and how to pinpoint where a planet (such as Mercury or Venus) is currently impacting your life.

Classes are held weekly via Zoom meeting app (we will not meet in person).  Dates are Thursdays – October 12, 19, and 26  from 7-9:30 pm (EST)

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