Abundance Attracting Candle Kit


Bring your vision and goals to fruition with the help of this kit made up of our Abundance candle and a Tiger Eye stone.  The kit inspires the grounding, focus, and diligence needed achieve expansion, success and to attract money and all forms of prosperity.

Kit Includes:

– (1) 12 oz. Abundance Candle

– 1 Tiger Eye stone

– 1 box long stem matches


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Product Description

Tiger Eyes is a powerful stone used for manifesting ideas into reality and helping you stay optimistic and grounding.  Tiger Eye attracts abundance and good luck and is used for protection against bad luck.  This stone can be used to heal and balance the 3rd Eye and Solar Plexus chakras.


Green candles resonate with the earth and material things, its energy provides grounding and stability to help you focus on and commit to tasks that bring tangible success in career, finances, money, and creating opportunities for expansion.

Additional information

Weight 24 oz


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