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Class is in Session: Saturn’s Lesson for Your Sign

Saturn is not as fun or trendy as planets like Venus, Mercury, or the Moon.  These planets get lots of love because their impact can be strongly felt in our daily lives and usually bring really good things or a dose of bad luck (depending).  It’s too bad that Saturn is overlooked because it does play a pretty important role in our lives, but the impact is more subtle because it happens over time.  A lot of the ups and downs we find ourselves going through can be attributed to a 2.5 year lesson plan courtesy of Saturn.

The level of  intensity that we feel from a planet has to do with how long it stays in a sign as well as the interactions it has with other planets.  Take the sun for instance, it stays in a sign for 28-30 days so we feel that zodiac sign’s energy of that sign for almost a month.  The moon stays in a sign for only 2.5 days, this frequent shift impacts our daily moods; we feel the moon’s shifts strongly.

Saturn on the other hand moves much slower, it stays in one zodiac sign for 2.5 years and takes 29 years to make a full rotation around the sun.  The reason Saturn stays in one place for so long is it has serious business to help us take care of and as you know, nothing good comes easy.  Saturn is the no-nonsense planet in astrology, it’s often personified as a professor, father, or other strong male figure that set the rules we have to play by.   Saturn helps us grow and improve by forcing us to get serious about the things we want.  It places restrictions on us, luck, short-cuts, or half-baked attempts won’t get you far when Saturn is involved.  You have to do the work if you want to pass Saturn’s lesson.  Stress, disappointment, failure, loss, lack of confidence are typical effects when going through one of Saturn’s lessons.  Thankfully, after the 2.5 year long learning process, you emerge with wisdom, confidence, and new ways of thinking that will positively impact your life for the long run.  Well done, grasshopper!

Saturn moved into Sagittarius in December 2014 where it will stay until December 19, 2017.  In this placement, Saturn is asking us to find real-world applications of new philosophy that we will begin to embrace during the time the planet spends in Sagittarius. While in Sagittarius, Saturn lessons will include tapping into universal wisdom and spirituality to uncover personal truths.  The more connected we become with universal philosophy and our spirituality we also grow in confidence and our divine purpose.  And since Sagittarius is a fire sign focused on taking action and achieving personal goals, by the end of Saturn’s lesson you should have something real and tangible to show for your hardwork and effort.

Before Saturn was in Sagittarius it spent time in the Scorpio Zodiac Sign see if any of this sounds familiar from 2012-2014.

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Saturn in Sagittarius is influencing a different area of life for each zodiac sign. Those area’s are called houses in astrology.   Check the list below for both your sun (zodiac) sign and your rising sign; you’ll notice Saturn influence in both areas.  Here is a summary of  Saturn’s influence on your life until December 2017.

  •  Taurus – Saturn is in your 8th House of  Shared Resources and Sexuality.  Themes during Saturn’s visit to your 8th House will show where you seek to be in control (maybe too much), highlight your sexual desires that are being suppressed or sexual dysfunctions that should be addressed, and motivate you to increase your value by mastering your craft (or yourself).  With Saturn in your 8th House you will be taking a dive deep into your psyche. Your eyesight won’t be useful in navigating theses depths, you will have to learn to trust your instincts and intuition for guidance.
  • Gemini – Saturn is journeying through your 7th House of  Marriage and Committed Relationships. Saturn in this house puts focus on the the worth, support, and compatibility of committed relationships.  You will find yourself literally getting to the heart of the matter.  Are you being loved the way you need to be, are your love relationships emotionally, physically, and spiritually satisfying?  Do you make your partner feel valued and do you give your best in relationships?  At this point it’s becoming clear what doesn’t work or what needs to evolve in your committed relationships. Next, you will have to pinpoint what you need and want in love and how to build a sustainable structure for a healthy relationship. The 7th house rules all contractual relationships, not just marriage. This could also apply to business partners or those you have contractual obligations to.
  • Cancer– Saturn is trekking through your 6th House of Service, Health, and Day to Day activities.  Saturn came to show you where better choices are needed in day-to-day activities and in the way that you are of service to others. Think back to your daily habits from 6 months ago, can you pinpoint any necessary changes you have made? They could be as small as adding a healthy smoothie in the morning to as big as settling in to the rhythm and flows of life after leaving your 9-5 job.  Saturn’s visit in this sector of life will spotlight personal health and wellness; if you haven’t been taking care of yourself you could find yourself forced to.  Daily routines related to work, personal life, taking care of business, and caring for family could be challenged during this time.  It’s time to break routine and create something more effective and efficient for the foreseeable future.
  • Leo – Saturn is currently influencing your 5th House; how you own and express your creativity and self expression. It’s time to put yourself out there, you are talented, valuable, and a natural leader. Saturn’s visit to this area of your life may have you feeling unsure of yourself because 5th House is our fun house, it’s where we let loose, socialize, use our imagination, and get flirty. It’s where we feel free to express the creative, carefree, youthful, and natural expression of who we are; however, Saturn’s energy creates restrictions.  It won’t be as easy to let loose and express yourself, you may feel like you are looking way more than you are leaping.   The limitation isn’t to make you feel powerless but to help you create more structure and planning to better actualize your ideas and endeavors to their full potential.  When Saturn transitions you will probably be working on more creative projects, taking more risk, and confidently expressing yourself to the world.
  • Virgo – Saturn passing through your 4th House tearing down old and building new foundations dealing with family, home, and your relationship with key players in these areas. Example themes during this time include home improvements, securing finances for the future,  moving to a new home and reconnecting to or reestablishing family principles. Our home and family are our roots, when they are strong and secure we feel supported to go out into the world and be successful. Over the next year and a half you could find yourself creating the home and family you need and remedying any issues and circumstances that stem from your early childhood/original family.
  • Libra –  Saturn is bringing growth and change to your 3rd House of Communication, Learning, and Community. Information sharing and connecting with peers, neighbors, and those in your immediate community will be a key factor in your success. Take the saying “The more you know, the farther you go” to heart and expand your education or knowledge base. Libra naturally gravitates to inter-personal relationships, with Saturn in your 3rd House it’s time to focus on groups of people vs individuals.  Information that comes to you could be a gold mind, you could grow into a leader in your community/close circles, your ideas have the potential to skyrocket you if you take the time to master Saturn’s lesson.
  • Scorpio – Saturn is setting up class in your 2nd House of Money, Income, and Financial matters. Things might be up and down or just down related to your earning potential and flow of funds. Scorpios tend to be very good with earning and investing money and they also have luck with utilizing other people’s resources to help them if they need it.  With Saturn in the 2nd House Scorpio you may find yourself unexpectedly having to shell out funds or pay for things unexpected (you become someone else resource for cash) or all your planning for a rainy day get’s drowned and you have to go back to the drawing board. I have a feeling that the way you control your money and your secret stashes or revenue streams will be impacted forcing you to be open, transparent, and focus on traditional basics of cash flow managment.  What you learned during this time will stick with you forever, your relationship with money and earning income will change for the better.
  • Sagittarius – Saturn in your 1st House of Self Image and Personal Expression; this a very introspective time for you.  You are probably feeling a strong urge to analyze, heal, and transforming yourself. Sagittarius is one of the most confident signs of the zodiac, they innately have faith in themselves to accomplish anything they put their mind towards.  Couple this with the fact that Sag is ruled by lucky Jupiter, good fortune and reward seems to fall into Sagittarius lap.  With Saturn in your 1st House your luck may not get you as far as it used too and  your typical precise ability to capture what you want could seem a little off. Saturn’s lessons for you is very personal as it deals with the essence of who you are.  Sagittarius are pros at escaping when things get rough it could be a night out on the town, the confinement of their bedroom for a few days, or on the first plane out to a far away place. Time alone for introspect is good but there is no place to hide from Saturn’s lesson. Losing isn’t your style, so rest assured you will emerge a winner when the lesson is done.
  • Capricorn–  Saturn in your 12th House of Spirituality and Karma is here to teach a lesson in faith.  Capricorn is one hard working earth sign.  It knows how to use personal resources, connections, and dedicated focus to rise to the top. For Capricorn, success is typically based on tangible value such as a paycheck, a promotion, a nice home, and public recognition for contributions.  Saturn’s lesson for Capricorn is going to strengthen your faith and help you learn to trust things that you can’t physically control.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn; therefore, Capricorn is comfortable dealing with the structure and restriction of Saturn’s energy.  Many Capricorns like religion for the structure and black and white “rules” that it teaches.  However, this lesson isn’t about religion it’s about spirituality, connecting to creation and universal wisdom.  This isn’t a black and white lessons it’s in color, it won’t always make sense in the “worldly” sense.  Capricorn, you are naturally grounded but Saturn’s lesson is asking you to release your anchor, ride the wave and trust things will work out.
  • Aquarius – Saturn is rolling through your the 11th House of Society, Groups, and Humanitarianism bringing to light the role you play in groups and their value or benefit to you. You may have been tested in friendships, work groups, and even large organizations that you belong too.  Never a fan of the status-quo, you could be feeling it’s time to break free or shake things up.  But before you unleash your rebellious nature, Saturn is urging you to take a different route. Perhaps finding the commonalities, learning to connect on a more personal level, and if not fulling embracing at least opening up to the status-quo to understand why others find comfort there. The 11th House also deals with using thought-leadership, new age ideas, and technology to share ideas or connect to the masses. It might be time to create an app, do business abroad, or set-up your business online.  This understanding could serve you well in upgrading or transforming your position within groups and society as well as furthering your message and ideas to the masses.
  • Pisces  – Saturn’s stop in your 10th House of Career and Public Identity came to teach a very important lesson related to your career.  You may be feeling stuck, unsure that you are on the right path, feeling undervalued, or clashing with a boss, co-workers or your employees. Saturn is teaching you a lesson in control, mastery, using your talents to be of greater service to others, as well as learning to be more resourceful in your career pursuits. Pisces, the tangible world isn’t often your priority; while you understand the need for money, structure, and discipline you don’t often treat those things as a “big deal”.  If you want to increase your business and public reputation you are going to have to learn to play by the rules of business world. Rest assured when you past this lessons doors of career opportunities and growth will fling open for you.
  • Aries – Saturn is in your 9th House of High Ideas, Higher Education, Spirituality and Travel.  You could be feeling a greater focus on personal development, learning new tricks for your trade, and .  redefining personal truths based on philosophical and spiritual teachings. The education you seek could also come from experiences, not just books and lectures. With Saturn in your 9th house, distant travel, influences from cultures other than your own, and even kundalini yoga can you help you connect to universal truths as well as new, personal truths. When Saturn finishing this chapter in 2017  you will feel much more positive and optimistic about what the future holds.


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