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Saturn is Finally Leaving Scorpio – We Made It!

saturn in scorpio

Saturn has been in Scorpio since 2012 and begins it’s transit out of the sign on December 23, 2014; over the course of that time we all have been learning a much needed life lesson that will ultimately lead to success.  Unfortunately, Saturn’s lessons are never easy or quick, they tend to be a long, difficult process.  Where ever Saturn shows up in you life  a major change in the structure or belief system is sure to follow. At first you may not notice anything major is going on, life just goes along as usual.  Then after a while you start to notice that things aren’t working the way you want them to, you aren’t getting the same results that you used too, or  you may begin to notice a repetition of  similar events in you life  – yup you are in the middle of Saturn’s lesson.  You will feel the greatest effects of Saturn as it begins to transition out of one sign and into another – which is what it is doing now! Think about what you have been dealing with for the last 2 years, have you recently gotten a break through or phased it out of your life?  That was probably Saturn’s lesson for you.

Saturn is like that one teacher in school that wasn’t taking any of your nonsense, no matter how many charming smiles you flashed, sob stories you cried, or excuse notes from your mother you gave this teacher wasn’t buying any of it.  Finally, you realized that the only way to get through this class was to show up on time, pay attention in class, do the work, and pass the test.  During the semester you were bitter, you said mean things behind the teacher’s back, you couldn’t wait for the class to be over. Then you got that A on your report card – all the work paid off.  That’s when the light bulb came on – the teacher wasn’t being a Biiiach for the sake of it, he believed in your talents and wanted you to believe in them too.  He knew all along what you were capable of, you just need to make buckle down, focus, and change your attitude.  That teacher’s name is Saturn!

Saturn has spent the last 2 years in Scorpio giving us a very deep lesson related to security, value, and self-worth. Saturn in Scorpio means that it takes on Scorpio’s energy to teaches us the lesson.  In Scorpio, ego is a key player,  the way you view yourself, the way you want to be viewed by others, and how you get what you want were central to your lesson. We all set-up ways of operating and thinking based on past experiences and our personal identity – these things become part of our foundation.  When Saturn comes on the scene it knocks-down old, out-dated foundations that are no longer effective and replaces them with better ones. Since Scorpio likes to get deep and look trouble straight in the eye,   you probably were very introspective at times and had deep emotion surface that were  linked to both the past and the present.  Secrets, hidden information and even self-discovery came to light in the past two years.   These discoveries were all apart of a process to help you deeply understand what and why you needed to change.

Saturn influenced a different area of life for each zodiac sign. Those area’s are called houses in astrology.  Here is a summary of  Saturn’s influence on the signs over the last 2 years.

  •  Aries – Saturn was in your 8th House of  Shared Resources and Sexual and Emotional relationships.  Themes during Saturn’s visit to your 8th House showed where you seek to control, highlighted your sexual desires or dysfunctions, motivated you to increase your value by mastering your craft, and  forced you to partner with or utilize others resources to increase your success (you can’t always do it on your own Aries).
  • Taurus – Saturn was in your 7th House of  Marriage and Committed Relationships. Saturn in this house put focus on the value that your love relationship provided.  You literally had to get to the heart of the matter.  Were you being loved the way you need to be, was the relationship emotionally, physically, and spiritually satisfying?  Were you giving your partner the best of yourself and were you equally yoked? By now, Saturn’s lesson is clear and you know exactly what you need in love.  If you didn’t experience these themes in love then it is possible that you felt  similar themes with someone you have a contractual (business) partnership with.
  • Gemini – Saturn was in your 6th House of Service, Health, and Day to Day activities.  Saturn came to let you know where needed to make better choices in day-to-day activities and in the way that you are of service to others. Think back to your daily habits from 2 years ago, what changes have you made?  Perhaps you had gotten complacent and wasn’t going the extra mile when you should have, maybe you doing  things the same way just because that’s how you did them forever.  Health issues may have surfaced and forced you to change your lifestyle.  By now you have created new routines or structures related to lifestyle, health, or how you take care of  your people who is much more beneficial to you and enhances your value among the groups that you belong to.
  • Cancer – Saturn’s influence in your 5th House helped you realize that you need to put yourself out there.  You are talented and you need to express your creativity and in your own way.  Your ideas, creativity, and point of view is valuable and Saturn’s lesson helped you to realize that. When Saturn transitions you will probably be working on more creative projects, taking more risk, and confidently expressing yourself to the world.
  • Leo – Saturn in the 4th House was about tearing down old and building new foundations especially dealing with family, home, and your relationship  with key players in these areas. You probably realized the value of having strong roots, our roots is what sets us up for success in all other areas.  You may have need to make repairs, invest time or money,  made a move or home improvements, or reconnected to the basics.
  • Virgo –  Saturn brought growth and change to your 3rd House of Communication, Information Exchange, and Connections.  How you communicate with people, the information you share and the way you process information factored into your lesson.  Think back 2 years ago were, where were your interests, what did you spend time listening to and talking about – what value did those things bring into your life? During the course of the lesson you may have realized you needed to change the way you think about things or how you communicate ideas to others. School or continuing education may have been an important theme during this time.
  • Libra – Saturn had a 2 year stay in your 2nd House of Money, Income, and Spending Habits. Things might have been up and down or just down related to your earning potential the last couple of years. If your income was unsteady you probably had to get creative when it came to stretching a dollar and resourceful when it came to generating cash flow, saving, and paying bills.  What you learned during this time will stick with you forever, your relationship with money and earning income will change for the better in the coming year.
  • Scorpio – Saturn in your 1st House of Self Image, Personality, and how others see you has made this an introspective time for you.  Your need to analyze, heal, and transforming yourself has been very strong.  Using your talents and skills to be of service to others is how you prove your value to the world; you strive to be irreplaceable.  You operate by mastering, controlling, and transforming things and people who are important to you – these are the areas where you have been receiving Saturn’s lesson.
  • Sagittarius –  Saturn in your 12th House of Spirituality and Karma brought you a lesson in faith.  Sagittarius are naturally optimistic, positive, and believe that with hard work and dedication you always get what you want. Sag, are naturally blessed, so when things don’t work out your way you take it hard. Most Sagittarius have a strong connection with spirit but they also put a lot of faith in self as well. Saturn’s lesson for you has been to keep the faith especially in times of unknown. Things have been difficult, you haven’t been getting what you want but instead of feeling like you failed you had to learn to trust your journey and to be flexible and change direction when spirit guides you.
  • Capricorn – Saturn in the 11th House of Society, Groups, and Friends has brought to light the role you play in groups and their value or benefit to you. You may have been tested in friendships, work groups, and even large organizations that you belong too.  It was time to break the status quo, reevaluate your connection with or position in these groups, and even your contributions. You are now at a place where you let go of some connections, joined new groups,or  transformed your position within groups and society.
  • Aquarius – Saturn in the 10th House of Career and Public Identity came to teach a very important lesson related to your career.  You may have felt stuck, unsure that you were on the right path, felt undervalued, or bumped heads with a boss. Saturn taught you lessons in control, mastery, using your talents to be of greater service to others, as well as learning to be more resourceful in career pursuits.  The door for career opportunities are opening for you.
  • Pisces – Saturn has been in your 9th House of High Ideas, Higher Education, Spirituality and Travel for the last two years.  You may have felt a greater focus on personal development, goal achieving, and branching out.  Your zest for life has been renewed at this point but over the last couple of years you had ups and downs trying to figure out what you were looking for and how to connect to it.  Now that Saturn’s time in your 9th house is over you feel much more positive and optimistic about what the future holds.

This has been a long, difficult two years now it’s time to celebrate.  In the words of one of my favorite Scorpio “We Made it!”

Nigga We Made It - Drake

Where was your Saturn’s lesson for you? Did you pass the test like a champ?


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