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Sagittarius Season: Focus and Fun

Hello Sagittarius Season! The sun tours the Sagittarius constellation November 22 – December 20. Sagittarius  is characterized as the hunter, truth seeker, and optimistic believer of the zodiac. As the year draws to a close, the energy of Sagittarius is just what we need to tie up loose ends, insert an extra dose of ambition, and set goals for the coming year.

Sagittarius is a good example of  how to be a key player in a group while being detached just enough to avoid being bogged down with others’ issues or priorities so that the focus stays on accomplishing personal goals. Honesty and integrity is what helps Sag pull off this balancing act without stepping on toes.  Sagittarius sees things in black and white without being emotionally involved.  When Sagittarius has helped or given all that it can, it will keep moving.

This is exactly the type of energy we all need to help us take everything in stride during the holiday season/end of year.  With work demands, family expectations, and trying to finalize personal goals, everyone is likely to feel pulled in a zillion directions. Sagittarius is a true optimist that focuses on the end-goal but not the little details along the way, the result can be taking on too much or not being fully prepared. If you are a Sag or Sag rising,  you’re lucky, things usually  just work out for you. However, for the rest of us, we will need to take a step back for reality checks from time to time to make sure we are covering all the bases or that we haven’t over committed ourselves.

Awhh Shit, it’s Sagittarius Season, let’s go!

Jay-Z the ultimate, focused, business…man reps his sign

What’s really great about the sun being in Sagittarius during this time of year is that Sag is all about a good time! Sagittarius is funny, high-spirited, sociable, loves to indulge, and is open to pretty much anything. This  is just the energy needed to get the party started and keep it rolling through the end of the year. Just, make sure you know when to call it a night or cut the partying to get back to business because Sagittarius can escape into a dream world and lose touch with reality. We all will be impacted by Sagittarius’ need for escapism via travel, day-dreams, alcohol/drugs/ sex, or just get lost in our day dreams during this time. Remember, it’s OK to partake just don’t over-indulge.

Create a balance in your life with spiritual practices and increasing your knowledge.  Sagittarius is the truth seeker and is compelled to find the answers to life’s important questions.  The next month is an excellent time to look beyond the obvious or the popular mindset and take a deep dive to uncover ultimate truths, what matters most, and to pinpoint the thread that connects us all. Meditating, expressing gratitude daily, or studying new philosophies are all ways to increase your spiritual connection.  Similarly,  you may want to take a class to improve your craft or study the history of a topic of interest to increase your understanding. By seeking the truth you will also unlock or establish your own personal truths.

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