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Sagittarius astrology characteristics

Sagittarius Motto: I Seek

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter.  Like fire, Sagittarius radiates a warm, inviting energy and seeks to expand itself by consuming things like knowledge, travel, food, and culture.  Sagittarius is the truth seeker of the zodiac, they need the freedom to explore far and wide to gain a higher level of understanding of the world and the people in it, preferably through first hand experience but study will work as well. Sag’s ruling planet, Jupiter, is associated with long distance travel, expansion, luck, and higher learning.   The planet’s influence on Sagittarians is a love for travel, philosophical ideas, culture, need for freedom, and sensational pleasures.  Jupiter also contributes to Sagittarius’  high level of optimism; they have lots of faith in both their own abilities and that they will be rewarded by the  universe for their efforts.  Although the sign is mutable (changeable and flexible), they can be very stubborn and tied to their beliefs.  However, presented with new information or experiences they will reevaluate and adjust their beliefs if needed.

The Centaur, half horse and half man, represents Sagittarius mental and physical prowess. Sagittarius quest for knowledge and higher learning is equally matched by a need for physical movement and conquest.   There is an innate need to be active and release pint-up energy through physical activity; if they don’t Sag can become moody and aggressive.  Sagittarians need to escape from reality at times, preferring to physically move but will also mentally escape by daydreaming and coming up with overly ambitious ideas.  Alcohol, drugs, and sex are other methods some Sags will indulge in to escape their reality.  Exploring, being silly, and making friends are all qualities of these  natural extroverts. Sags typically have a large network of friends and business associates; however, they are very independent and have no issues with doing things alone.

All this truth seeking and worldly understanding lends to an innovate, free-spirit that can be a bit of a rebel at times.  Once you know the truth or have experienced something you can’t go back to how you were before.  Similarly, once Sagittarius learns something or creates something they want to bring the idea to fruition. They are even more motivated if their idea helps a large number of people or is truly innovate.  There is no stopping them.  Unfortunately, when you work for other people, you can’t always implement your ideas no matter how good they are. Sag doesn’t easily back down and needs an explanation for why they are being told no. This is when they rebel and get into trouble with the powers that be.

Sagittarius is very aware of their outward image and has a need to be recognized for being dependable and helpful.  Although  they have high moral standards, they are not judgmental – they understand that all people have the same fundamental needs and deserve understanding and compassion.  This makes Sagittarians the people others go to in times of need.  Their typical approach is honest and direct which at times, comes across as blunt and tactless.  However, it is never their intention to be hurtful, they really are just keeping it real.  In relationships, Sagittarius are know to be somewhat detached.  They have a strong sense of self and it always includes freedom, exploration, the pursuit of happiness and goal achievement.  When the introduction of someone else’s needs, emotions or agenda conflicts with who they are or their quest for greatness they sometimes rationalize it as a sign to move on versus working it out.  This inflexibility can harm relationships.   Always positive and armed with a high-level understanding of situations –  they won’t be upset, they will wish you the best and move on.


 Sagittarius I  Nov 23 – Dec 2

Those born this week  are marked by a generous spirit that is concerned with making meaningful contributions to groups or society but on their own terms.  Those born the first week of Sagittarius are highly ethical and put great value on fairness, honor, respect and trust.  They give it out to everyone equally and expect it in return.  Sagittarius I have a naturally generous spirit, they like to get to know all kinds of people from different walks of life.  Knowing different people and their experiences increases their knowledge and understanding of the world.  It also adds to their arsenal of ways to lend a hand or to be of service.  You will likely find Sag I in a key role where they are giving guidance or support to people.  Being of service directly motivates them by boosting their self-worth and self-esteem.  For this reason, Sag I is very family oriented and likes to spend time in their family/friend groups especially coordinating ways to bring everyone together.  They are often very close with their children and the relationship with them has a strong friendship element.

It is imperative that Sag I share their gifts in their own way and on their own terms.  Like all Sagittarius, those born the first week are stubborn and cling to their ideas.  This is due to their highly competitive nature and big picture thinking.  They know what they want, they figure out what needs to happen to get them there and then they visualize what the win will look like.  They are dedicated to their game plan and will use all their will-power to make it happen.  An interjection or outside influence can feel like an attempt to knock them off their purpose or sabotage their plan.  Usually it is not, but Sagittarius’  self-reliant and self-focused view point makes it difficult to easily accept outside influence.  Sag I has a lot of confidence in their skills and abilities, they appear to be very strong people – and they are. But underneath all hard surfaces there is a soft core that has insecurities and doubts.  Sagittarius I will react in fits of emotion, either sadness or anger, if they feel that their talents and abilities are being questioned or under-valued.  Having other people doubt  their skills or an inability to get to a goal is a direct blow to their ego.  They are so competitive, they begin to feel like they are losing.  Learning to submit to others or accept defeat is a hard lesson that Sag I will need to learn at some point.

In love, this group needs someone who can keep up with their independent, fun, spicy and adventurous spirit.  An ideal partner will share the same zest for life, will enjoy travel, lots of activity and racking up new experiences.  However, the person will need to be less independent than their Sag lover.  Sag I needs a mate that it can anchor itself too; they are the free-spirited explorers and needs a grounded safety net to balance things out.  Sagittarius’ competitive nature shows itself in relationships as well. Ever the independent, they will never lose their identity for the sake of love and pressures to change or submit in a way that isn’t consistent with their views are not acceptable and  will be met with lots of resistance.  Partners and family members know that you love a Sagittarius I on their terms and if you forget those terms they will definitely give you a refreshing in a very straight forward manner.  Loved-ones grow to learn that Sagittarius  isn’t trying to be hurtful they are just brutally honest and need to do things their way.


Sagittarius II December 3-12

Sagittarius II is dedicated to accomplishing their goals and dreams, this need for accomplishment is their biggest motivator.  Those born this week dream big and believe that they are capable of achieving every aspect of their dreams. By achieving large goals they are showing the world that they are capable and worthy of greatness. It may take time for Sagittarius II to figure out their true purpose or they may have a few different jobs or careers first but, for them each career serves a purpose and prepares them to attain their ultimate goal.  This is also how they feel about  most relationships and experiences – everything  is for a reason or a season.  This mindset is courtesy of the planet Jupiter and its big picture, risk taking, and expansive point of view.  As a fire sign, Sagittarius consumes experiences and uses them to grow stronger and then keeps moving along seeking the next experience to learn and grow from.  Those born this week bore easily and have a strong need to be free, they may change lovers, jobs, locations whenever they feel things are too settled or if there isn’t enough stimulation or growth.

Like all Sagittarius, those born this week are generous, warm, helpful, and open.  They want to be of service to others but on a grander scale.  Those born this week focus is on more humanitarian type efforts and impacting a larger aspect of society.  Connection to spirit plays a very important role to those born this week as well.  They understand that by connecting to a greater power they are able to manifest that power and knowledge effectively into their life and reap the benefits of those blessings.  Spirit connection also helps Sag II balance and focus their energies; otherwise, they would be aggressive and look for more physical ways to get the energy out of their system such as sports, sex, and physical aggression.  Sagittarius II big picture focus, strong connection to spirit, and ability to detach from societal norms makes them a little strange and eccentric.  In many ways they do think differently than most people, often this is a strength but at times it can be a weakness.  This group possess a great amount of skill (mental and technical) and dedication.  When they use their talents to achieve their highest level of manifestation is when they have the greatest impact and attain the highest level of success.

Typically optimistic and assured, even Sagittarius can get down in the dumps.  When they feel they are failing at work, aren’t making progress as expected, or they have love woes they get the blues and immediately look for a means to escape those feelings.  If the problem is a little stressful they may drink, take drugs, or partake in a steamy night of passion.  If the trouble is big or shakes them at the core they will retreat into their inner sanctuary and you won’t hear from them for days or they may physically escape by getting on a plane and leaving maybe for a weekend, maybe for a month, maybe never to return.  Freedom is extremely important to this group, they need to be free to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal.  This self-focus makes them loaners in all actuality.  While they enjoy belonging to groups and having a partner, the minute they feel you are becoming dead weight or holding them back they will break free and expect you to have no hard feelings.  This is true in friendships and in love.  They are not aware of the negative impact this detachment has on relationships because they don’t feel like they are doing anything wrong.  They feel that everyone should be free to go in the direction of their dreams.


Sagittarius III  Dec 13- 22

By the time Sagittarius reaches its final week, its competitive nature had been dulled and is replaced with greater self-confidence in their abilities, especially to shape their future.  Sagittarius III has a strong and  charismatic personality that exudes power and authority.  Sagittarius III is able to gain trust and collect a following based solely on their aura; they look like they should be in charge.  This dutiful and thoughtful group are big picture thinkers and risk-takers and prefer dealing with large projects and big ideals versus the small and mundane.  It can be working on an innovate business idea or planning a large family dinner,  the more people impacted by their skill and effort the better.   Sag III gives its all to any project or tasks it is working on and has a keen ability to recognize when someone isn’t genuine.  It’s hard to pull a fast one on members of this group.  Like all Sagittarius, IIIs like to be of service to others because helping others makes them feel good about themselves.  The difference with this group is that they already have a lot of self-confidence and don’t feel like they need to prove anything to anyone, there is no competition for them.  Instead, they get fulfillment from bringing success to situations where others may feel hopeless or are having trouble getting results.

Sagittarius III have a moody side that friends, family and co-workers are familiar with.  This group actually has lots of control over the expression of their feelings.  Their fussy side is more related to their internal thinking and sorting process.  All Sagittarius have a need to escape, either physically or mentally.  This group escapes into their thoughts, their moodiness is a symptom of them retreating into themselves.  Unfortunately, Sag isn’t aware of this and those close to them are forced to just deal with it.  They may have one or two people they trust and that can help them through the process, everyone else just has to patiently wait for the mood to pass.

In love, Sagittarius III is attracted to people who have a dazzling effect on them.  They are such dutiful, thoughtful, and hardworking people their partner needs to be someone they can relax, have fun, and be adventurous with. Their perfect person will be someone with whom they can share responsibilities and who  lightens their mood.  Sagittarius III is protective and dedicated in relationships but can also be dominating.  They like things their way and their mate may feel like it’s either comply with their demands or argue; a compromise isn’t always easy to come by.


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