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Rose Quartz Crystals for Love

If you want to attract true love or heal emotional hurt use Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz resonates with matters of the heart and is used when working with the heart chakra. The soft pink color paired with the powerful vibration of quartz is ideal for attracting compassion, romance, unconditional love, and healing hurts. Rose quartz gives off a soothing energy that is calming and helps balance your emotions. It promotes self-love and compassion. The more you love yourself, the more accepting of others you become. As you give off more love vibes the more you naturally attract love to yourself.

rose quartz crystals

How to Use Rose Quartz

The best way to use this crystals is to keep it on your or near you. Keep it in near your bed or in your workspace, especially if your work deals with helping others. You can also buy a small jewelry pouch, place the crystal in it, and place it around your neck or pin it to the inside of your pants or skirt. I sometimes place the crystal inside the left side of my bra, next to my heart for some direct contact. If you are feeling sad or upset just hold it in your hand to help yourself regroup. You will immediately begin to feel calm and at ease.

pink candle and rose quartz
Rose quartz can be used with a pink candle to strengthen your powers of attraction for love, healing, and confidence. While burning the candle, hold the stone in your hand while you spend 10-15 minutes meditating, praying, or visualizing about what happy and healthy love relationships look like in your life.


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