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The Time I Tried Reiki

I got a chance to try Reiki a couple of weeks ago.  I recently began hearing about it and wasn’t sure of exactly what it was or what it was supposed to do but being the curious and opened minded person that I am I decided to give it a try.  I was a little skeptical but then I thought what’s the worst that could happen – nothing.  I mean maybe I wouldn’t feel a thing, no harm no foul.

First, I’ll back up because you maybe like me and have no idea of what Reiki is or what it supposed to do.  According to Reiki is therapeutic treatment that heals the entire body including the spirit and emotions.  Reiki is a combination of Japanese words that translates to God’s Wisdom and Life Force Energy. Essentially, Reiki realigns your energy (Chakras) making you feel more peaceful, relaxed, and centered.  All of that sounded good to me so I decided to give it a try during April’s Zodiac Lounge.  If you’re into metaphysical stuff like astrology, tarot card readings, and other forms of natural healing practices the Zodiac Lounge is an inexpensive way to try out different services; the healing practitioners offer services for just $1 a minute.

Zoe Flowers, Reiki Master, performed my healing treatment.  When it was my turn, I laid on the table and closed my eyes. Shortly, I began to feel the heat from her hands as she hovered them over my head.  I don’t think I ever felt someone’s body heat without them physically touching me before.  For the next 20 minutes she moved around my body alternating between gently touching me or hovering her hands above my body.  My eyes were closed so I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing but once I opened my eyes and she was making gestures like she was pulling something away from me.  Then she put her hands over my stomach and I felt my stomach pull upwards towards her hands.  First I thought I was just imagining it but it happened a couple more times – this was real.


Reiki Session

Me getting some good vibes during my Reiki session

After she was done I felt very relaxed and my thoughts were clear.  She began to tell me about my different Chakras and what work she had done on me.  I was surprised because as she told me what she did I could relate it back to things that were going on with me.  For example,  she told me I was dehydrated and probably needed to stretch; well I worked out that day and was thirsty and I never stretch, which I know I should. She told me things that were both physical and emotional and it was all very correct.  I asked was I supposed to feel different and she explained some people get a burst of energy, some people get very relaxed and others feel things the next day it just depends on the person.  Well about an hour later I begin feeling so exhausted I had to leave to go lay down.

Overall, I would say that I had a good experience. During the session, I could feel my body physically reacting to her hands and I definitely felt more at peace.  I woke up the next day feeling peaceful and clear of mind. I was able to put things into perspective and had an optimistic outlook. I would definitely invest in a full session at some point to reap the total benefits of Reiki.


Have you ever had Reiki done, what was your experience like?



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