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Perfecting Service: Virgo and Pisces

Pisces and Virgo

Pisces and Virgo are astrological polar opposites. They have similar qualities and goals but express them in different or opposite ways. They can be said to represent a different side of the same coin and that coin is called Service. Both signs are ultimately concerned with using their talents to be of service to others.

Similar but Different

Virgo is an earth sign therefore, it expresses its talents of service in a practical, tangible way.  This means Virgo wants to do things that you can see and feel to impact in the world. Health (maintenance, food, exercise), daily processes/routines, law, and anything related to planning are specialties of Virgo. Virgo is known as the perfectionist, the type to analyze and scrutinize everything and everyone. The reason being is that Virgo believes that by being and doing its very best it’s creating a better benefit for everyone.  In order to be its best, Virgo focuses on what it can control. Emotions are neither controllable nor logical and therefore emotions aren’t a place you find Virgo dwelling in too often.  It’s not that Virgo isn’t emotional it just chooses to suppress them because they can be seen as weakness in some instances.

Pisces on the other hand prefers to serve others through emotional connectivity. The gifts we receive from Pisces can’t be measured or calculated.  These gifts are the kind that touches our spirits and makes us feel loved. Pisces has a strong connection to the spiritual world, where Virgo is connected to the physical world. Pisces understands that we are all souls that need love, compassion, and support; regardless of the situation. This deep sense of compassion makes Pisces one of the most compassionate astrological signs and you will often find them working in healthcare and other nurturing professions although many find their way into artistic careers due to their dreamy, creative mindsets.  Pisces can’t help but to give of themselves, sometimes they over do it and find themselves drained or not feeling the reciprocity.  Where Virgo prefers to push down emotion, Pisces tend to resist being grounded. The grounding would help Pisces set up boundaries and have a more subjective approach to giving; it is possible to give too much.

The Need for Balance

The lesson of the polarity between Virgo and Pisces is learning to balance giving selflessly in a way that creates something tangible and practical for the benefit of others. If you feel that you are always giving and not receiving, feel taken advantage of, or not producing the financial return you deserve then you are probably too strong on the Pisces energy and lacking in Virgo.  Conversely, if you have a great system, idea, or method that isn’t being adopted by others, if people feel that you are unapproachable or uncaring, or your primary focus is making it happen with little concern how people feel, then your Virgo is very strong and you would benefit from adding in some emotional connection or compassion.

Emotion is something that all humans share, it’s the thread of commonality that connects us. Emotional sensitivity can be best used to help define ways to make a truly meaningful impact while  logical and grounding is used to include tactile elements (money, resources, guidelines,  a team ect.) for success and financial rewards.  Regardless of your zodiac sign, success comes when your goal is to create or do something that serves the greater good. Balancing the energies of Virgo and Pisces helps channel spiritual compassion into something that serves to improves the life of others in a tangible way.



  • Jon April 6, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    Very interesting. One of my good friends is a Virgo and we are very similar but he just does not have the spiritual mind that I do. Cares nothing about it. Which is fine but it is interesting to see that there is a reason for it!


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