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New Moon In Scorpio – Rise Like a Phenoix

New Moon in Scorpio October 2014Photo: Carsten Whitte

Thursday, October 23rd will be a New Moon in Scorpio and a partial solar eclipse. This is the second of two eclipses for this month. It’s been a very hectic and interesting month without a doubt.  Now, get ready for some pretty impactful changes in your life, actually you maybe already experiencing them.  October has been a busy astrological month.  It started with Pluto going direct in Capricorn, then Mercury went Retrograde on the 4th followed by a Full Moon on October 8th in Aries which was paired with a Lunar Eclipse.  Thanks to all these events, you have probably became very aware of what is no longer working in your life and are feeling pretty compelled to let go.  You may have already had some things or people already make an exit.  That’s what Full Moons are about, release, and paired with an eclipse the need to let go was magnified 100%.  Since Aries is pretty assertive and self-focused you were ready to drop that baggage like a hot potato; there wasn’t a lot of sentimental attachment or mulling it over.  It wasn’t working so you needed to make a move.   The universe gave you a few weeks to settle into the decision and get used to the changes and now it will propel you back into action with the New Moon. 

Release on the Full Moon and Manifest on the New Moon.  New Moons represent new beginnings.  It is when you shift from focusing on letting go of what doesn’t work to focusing on what will work and how you plan to get to your goal.   The New Moon in Scorpio is partnered with a Solar Eclipse so it will be very powerful.  Think of this as a beginning of a new cycle, what you start on this New Moon will come to fruition on the Full Moon in Scorpio in May 2015.  Essentially, you are setting your intentions for 2015 in motion with Thursday’s New Moon. 

Scorpio energy is healing and transformative. At its highest level it is like the Phoenix that emerges from ashes of destruction transformed into something stronger and better than what was there before.  The New Moon is your opportunity to transform yourself into something great, powerful, and necessary. 


Scorpio operates on the emotional plane and seeks to have deep and meaningful attachments.  It wants to get right down to the heart of things, it isn’t concerned with appearances and small talk.  Because of this your intuition will be high and if you already have a high sense of intuition you may be feeling physic.  Go with it, let your instincts guide you and don’t doubt yourself.  


Relationships and self-worth will be a theme.  If you haven’t been true to yourself or feel that you haven’t been getting what you need in a close relationship you will be ready to make a real change.  Scorpio rules close relationships and joint resources; it likes to combine pieces into a whole. If the relationship isn’t thriving or is one-sided Scorpio’s energy will motivate you to take action for improvement.  You probably have already realized this and have been thinking about either letting go or making a change to improve things. Now is the time to take action. Not sure what road to choose, reread the previous paragraph (go with your intuition and don’t doubt yourself).


Time to face yourself.  Scorpio feels things very deeply but typically keeps those feelings to itself.  It wants to get to the root of things, to understand, so that it can make a change.  Scorpio is drawn to the dark side of the human existence therefore it’s not afraid to deal with difficult, ugly, and scary topics.  This influence will have you digging deep inside of yourself to recognize patterns and behaviors that you have set-up for yourself that you need to change.  Typically, when we engage in behavior that is hurtful to self or self-destructive it is attached to hurt and emotional scars; things we don’t like to address.  Scorpio’s energy will give you strength  to help you deal with these issues.  You will be ready to make self-improvements so that you can move forward.

Does any of this sound familiar?  What astrological themes have you experienced this month in your life?

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