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Scorpio New Moon: Thinning the Veil

The new moon in Scorpio on October 30 is thinning the veil between the spiritual and physical world in order to teach us a valuable lesson, endings allow new beginnings to emerge. All new moons mark the beginning of a cycle, a time to expand and grow but with the moon in Scorpio you may experience a loss (real or emotional) as you move into a new stage or personal rebirth.

The moon takes on the character traits of the sign that it is in, in this case Scorpio. Scorpio has a reputation of being dark, deep, controlling, and passionate! This plays in well with the scary, dark, and lusty vibes of Halloween on October 31st; however, there is nothing to be scared of with this new moon. Scorpio faces fear, is concerned with personal mastery, is a healing vessel, and wants to create a security for itself and those it cares for.

During the full moon, both the sun and moon will take on Scorpio characteristics, and regardless of your personal sun or moon sign you will feel a strong urge to transform or gain greater control over your life in areas related to stability (finances/career) and important relationships (love and family). This will be an introspective time when we go deep into our psyche, explore our past experience and belief systems to find insight necessary to move into a new chapter.

Take a Deep Dive

I’m sure you’ve heard Scorpio plunges deep and into dark places; this is the thinning of the veil. This may sound scary because typically we trust what we see, what’s visible in the light, or what we can hear with our ears whereas Scorpio senses energy, trust its instincts, and connection with emotion to navigate. Thankfully, the universe is giving us exactly what we need to navigate the dark in the form of a conjunction between the moon and Mercury. Mercury oversees logic and communication and with it sitting so close to the moon in Scorpio it will help us process information in a scorpionic way. Thanks to the moon and mercury energy share we can navigate the dark by letting our intuition and instincts guide us, we will rely less on what we see and hear and more on what we feel and sense. Our thinking and logic will be sharp like a laser, helping us focus on what’s important and moving past what’s not.

Being pushed into the depths motivates you to reach your maximum potential; it’s a sink or swim type feeling. You’ll sense that elevation is necessary, mentally and spiritually. There could be an urge to have a spiritual connection, get physical healing, or gain additional knowledge over the next couple of weeks. Higher level knowledge and unveiling truths will play an important role as you move into new beginnings and mindsets. This is necessary as we kill-off or shed limiting beliefs and fruitless pieces of yourself.

Go Back to Move Forward

You can expect experiences that created pain but also helped you grow to come up during this time, thanks to a difficult aspect between the moon and Chiron, the Wounded Healer of the zodiac. Chiron represent the hurts that we carry with us that must be healed in order to reach our highest potential. These two are squaring off and the result will be a greater awareness or understanding of past hurtful situations. You could begin to look at things differently, less from a place of hurt and more from a subjective viewpoint gaining the understanding of how you are blocking growth or feeding old mindsets that no longer serve you. The moon ties us to our mother and original family; you maybe able to trace this experience way back to when you were young or how you were taught to think and behave on an unconscious level by your family. You can’t change the past but it can help you create a better present. The new moon can help you free yourself from self-imposed limitations.

Commit to It

Speaking of elevation, love and romance is another area where elevation or at least clarity is necessary, thanks to Venus cozying up to no-nonsense Saturn. Saturn oversees learning, structure, and experiences that help us level-up. The energy share between Saturn and Venus draws our attention towards defining the worth or long-term potential of a current partnership. If you are in a relationship it may be time to take things to the next level or fix anything that broken or focus more on building stability, growth, or structure. If you are dating, it’s time to examine if this person is Mr. Right or Mr. Right-Now. The connection between the moon and Mercury will come in handy while dealing with this topic. You intuition and sensing abilities will give you clarity and insight even if you don’t have all the facts or information is being with-held from you. Definitely listen to your instincts on this one.

If the person you are with doesn’t have long-term potential or isn’t down to get serious right now don’t be surprised if things start to get shift in the coming days and your focus is drawn to someone different for a quick thrill or to release some strong, sexual passion. If you are happy and stable, new tricks or unexpected lustful rendezvous could be heading your way. Things can go either way, your love can grow and flourish with the one your with or you will unexpectedly break free and explore other options. Either way, expect to feel empowered to enter a new chapter in love.


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