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Full Moon in Gemini November 25th

The full moon in Gemini carries with it the need to let go of the old and adapt to the new.  A couple of weeks ago we experienced the new moon in Scorpio which was all about breaking through and transforming (read what you missed here).  Now we are at the stage where we have to adapt to this new era of growth, we are learning to wrap our heads around this new phase and how to make the most of it.

The moon in Gemini is opposite the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Sagittarius.  The result is a push/pull energy between focusing on higher goals and growth and staying in our comfort zone with the familiar and well established.  The moon in Gemini is social, likes to shares ideas, spends time in established circles, and flutters around exploring ideas without really committing to anything.  However, the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn are pulling us towards expansion and focus.  Especially Saturn, which governs life lessons and challenges us to earn our rewards. This full moon is whispering, “It’s time to escape the pond and head toward the sea”.

All full moons represent a time of culminations and endings. They also bring emotions up to the surface which is why people are sensitive around this time.  For the full moon in Gemini, expect to have lots of mental energy.  Your ideas will flow, you will want to spend time talking, writing, and being around people.  In the midst of all the social energy, let your intuition guide you towards the things you need to let go of.  You are likely to have just as many reasons to hold on as to let go because Gemini is all about duality.  However, consider your current and future, what do you need to do to achieve them?  Staying in your comfort zone doesn’t nourish growth. If it’s reached the end, leave it.  If it’s not rewarding, stop doing it.  If you need to find a better way, seek one.

Advanced Knowledge

The full moon takes place at 3° Gemini at 5:44 pm EST.  Look at your birth chart to see if you have any planets +/- 5° of the full moon in Gemini or Sagittarius.  If so the energy of the moon will have a greater influence on you.  If you want to do any full moon releasing rituals try to get them done no later Friday for the best effect.



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