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Nourishing Moments: The Renewal

Im very excited to be hosting this awesome event that combines astrology (for the mind), tea (for spirit), sweet confections (for the body) and shopping because hey, who doesn’t love shopping.

I’m partnering with two awesome women, entrepreneurs Tiffany of Tea by Tiffany and Rugi of Beauty Loves Company to host a series of events that we call Nourishing Moments.  Each event is meant to nourish a part of yourself with knowledge, insight or healing to leave you feeling renewed and ready to take on whatever is in your path.  Like the saying goes, “You can’t pour from and empty cup”.  Nourishing Moments aims to help refill your cup with some good, nourishing vibes.


Nourishing Moments: The Renewal

Eclipse season was full of surprises but more importantly lessons.  During the Renewal, I will lead a discussion based on astrology and centered around the lessons we needed to learn and the places within yourself that needed healing or releasing in order to move into a new season of success and growth. I hope to see you there! Purchase tickets on EventBrite

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