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New Moon in Scorpio: Emerge from the Darkness

The New Moon in Scorpio is November 11th and it’s bringing with it a great opportunity to make long-term and necessary changes in your life.  The last 6 months has been filled with growth, change, and visits to the past for final lessons and deeper understandings. All this change and growth may have you feeling fatigued and ready to move forward to a new stage.  The New Moon in Scorpio will be exactly that. The Phoenix  will rises from the ashes, so to speak, to transform life in a major way.

It’s Time for a Break Through

The new moon will form a pleasant connect with Pluto.  Pluto is very much like Scorpio in that they both deal with major transformation in order to make long term improvements.  Expect to feel a strong urge to take action to create a better version of yourself or some aspect of your life.  The changes will be big and possibly life altering.  In order to do so, you will have to take an honest look in the mirror and address anything that you are hiding, repressing, or are not connecting to with-in yourself.  Scorpio deals with the unseen, the hidden, and our shadow self. Only by accepting both the light and dark with-in can we really grow into our highest self.  However, change is scary because it’s the unknown and our natural reaction to change is to try to exert control over the situation.  Dominating and controlling can give a sense of security; however, this new moon is an opportunity to give-in and let the natural order of things move you into the right direction.  Be prepared to receive new information, to deal with fears or behaviors that you need to let go of.  Don’t be afraid to get deep in order to break new ground.

Believe What You Sense Not What You See

New moons are a time of internal reflection, we shine the light on ourselves.  Our sense of introspect will be heightened during this time with the influence of Mercury.  Mercury governs our thought processes, the need for learning, and idea sharing.  The Moon and Mercury’s energy will blend together inviting you to use your intuition and sensing nature to read in-between the lines to discover the hidden with-in yourself and in others.  Having a deeper understanding is essential when you need to make major changes or master a situation.  Mercury invites you to adapt, be flexible, and use new methods for better success.

Your Personal Astrology

If you have your birth chart you can get a deeper understanding of what this new moon holds. The New Moon takes place at 19° Scorpio;  if you have any planets +/- 5° of 19 in Scorpio or Taurus you can expect the Moon’s energy to be very pronounced for you.  Also, the house that Scorpio occupies in your birth chart is where the moon will have the greatest influence in your life.

I’m super excited for this New Moon.  I feel the energy and can see life taking a new shape.  I feel renewed in my purpose and diligent about creating my future.  I hope you all are experience the positive transformative energy of Scorpio season.


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