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Passion and Illusion with the Sagittarius New Moon

On November 29 get ready for a fiery new moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius.  The influence of fire signs on the moon stirs our passion and inspire us to take action towards our desires for emotional fulfilment.  The moon is taking on the qualities of Sagittarius, the goal hunter and truth seeker.  The need for freedom and to express our individuality will be paramount as we focus on attaining personal goals and moving past obstacles with an optimistic outlook. However, we must be mindful of Sagittarius’ competitive nature and fondness for escaping reality.  These emotional qualities of the zodiac sign will definitely come into play during the new moon creating a strong possibility for confusion or unnecessary harshness.

If you have your birth chart, take a look to see what house the zodiac sign Sagittarius falls in, this is the area of your life that will be most impacted by this new moon; where you have the most opportunity to experience the luck, growth, and expansion that the new moon in Sagittarius offers to us all.

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In general, the two areas most affected during this new moon phase will be esteem/goal attainment and relationships. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, expansion, and spiritual truth (also Sagittarius’ ruling planet) is sending strong support to both the sun and the moon.  Think of Jupiter as Sagittarius’ daddy; the zodiac sign inherited a lot of Jupiter’s qualities.  During this new moon, Jupiter is lending its support to the sun and the moon strengthening Sagittarius qualities. Consequently, self-confidence will surge as well as your ability to see the bright side of almost every situation.  Sagittarius is able to look at the big picture while keeping a sharp focus on personal goals.  This includes all personal goals, big and small.  Basically, all of this can have you feeling like,” I’m smart, capable, and deserve whatever it is I want so let me go and get it. Nothing can hold me back,” and that’s definitely a good thing.

However, I do have to raise a flag of caution. There is a difficult aspect taking place between the moon and the planet Neptune.  Neptune is the veil between truth and reality, the physical world and the spiritual world, and stirs the depths of our creative energy.  Neptune squaring the moon offers-up a big dose of confusion, illusion, and delusion when it comes to our emotions.  If you recall, I mentioned Jupiter likes to expand things but that expansion can be in any direction – up or down, good or bad. If you consider the interactions between the moon, Jupiter, and Neptune it’s very possible that some of us may end up taking a short trip through LaLa Land.  Judgment will be clouded when it comes to emotional needs as well as the actions we take.  The creative energy of Neptune could fling open the doors to your fantasies allowing them to overflow into the real world strengthening the “anything I want is possible” vibes of this new moon.  Be cautious, you make have to take extra effort to remain grounded over the next few days.

The second point of focus for this new moon is relationships.  For the past several days, Venus (love,money, and beauty) has been blending its energy with Pluto (transformation and control) showing us where our fears have us holding on too tightly and we need to loosen the reigns to allow necessary, major transformation to occur related to love and relationships; this could include self-love and our relationship with money or how we earn it. Both Venus and Pluto are in Capricorn, the no-nonsense business minded zodiac sign.  Capricorn’s energy puts us in the mindset that we have to do what’s necessary for growth. If something isn’t working, get rid of it and create something that does.  Long term and lasting success is the name of Capricorn’s game.  The transformative energy of the Pluto and Venus collaboration can push you even harder under the Sagittarius new moon to get that new job, create an opportunity for yourself, structure a long term financial plan, and find a better way to show others love as well as practice self love.  Let me raise the warning flag again!  The Neptune/Moon aspect from the previous paragraph can put some fog around any relationship situations you are dealing with.  Depending on what’s going on in your situation, competitiveness and egotism could have you acting unfairly or you could get lost in lovely dream of a romance that has no basis for success in the real world. The fog will clear over the next week but until then be mindful.

The new moon in Sagittarius is presenting us with the gift of courage and willpower to take risks and achieve our goals.  Spend some time focusing on what you would like to accomplish over the next few months and then what steps you can begin to take this month to in the direction of those goals.  Now is the time to make a move, the universe is open to helping you attain whatever you put your mind to.






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