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Lesson from the New Moon in Taurus

This past weekend was busy both astrologically and in my personal life.  There was a New Moon in Taurus on May 18th and Mercury went retrograde in Gemini on the same day. I celebrated my birthday in Los Angeles, I needed a change of scenery.  I had lots of major changes take place over the past year and I felt like I needed to purge parts of the past and embrace the new.  Although I didn’t have any major plans for my birthday trip, which was unusual because I’m a big birthday person, I told myself to take things in stride and find the fun in whatever came my way.  There were a few surprises both fun and not so fun but all in all I found the trip very enlightening and awakening thanks to the New Moon with a little help from Mercury Retrograde.

New Moons are a time when we  naturally open up to receive new insights.  It’s also a great time to implement new practices, systems, and ways of thinking to help us get closer to our goals.  Full Moons are known as a crazy times because it’s when the moon influences the outward expression of our thoughts and emotions.  The New Moon is the opposite, it’s a more introspective time where we analyze our past and current ways of being to make changes and begin new things that better serve us.  This is exactly what happened to me.

Respect the Past but Look Towards the Future

I spent time with family and old friends (mostly ones from my hometown who relocated to LA).   The moon connects us to our past and our early foundations while Mercury Retrograde brings people from our past back into our life. This was important because I shared history with each of these people and I don’t see them often. Time and distance showed me how they had individually grown and in return they showed me how I have also grown as a person.  This was valuable insight.  We sometimes get stuck in the past but we have to remember nothing and no one stays the same.

Know Your Worth

The moon connects us to our subconscious needs in love, it has lots of influence over what makes us feel safe, secure, and happy in our relationships. I’ve experienced lots of changes in love over the past several months.  I realized that I need to make different choices to get better results; I’m the only one responsible for my happiness.  The New Moon solidified that for me.  I was presented with 3 men that represented 2 different types of love, romantic and familial. I intuitively recognized traits that were appealing to me, that made me feel secure, and also those that rubbed me the wrong way. The fact that I am more aware of my emotional needs in love makes me better equipped to recognize if a potential boo has what I’m looking for. The second part of the New Moon’s love lesson was this – if the person doesn’t have what I’m looking for, just move on.  No more waiting to see if things change or get better; I don’t have energy to waste on maybes.

Be Persistent in Your Goals but Flexible in Your Methods

The Taurus zodiac sign’s most important goal is to create security, stability, and comfort by obtaining money and wealth.  The New Moon in Taurus put a big spotlight on creating new ways of obtaining financial goals for everyone, including me.  Over the last year, I left my corporate job and started a business.  At this stage in the process I felt it was time to stop planning and researching and just start doing new things to bring in more money and clientele, so that’s what I did.  Mercury in Retrograde causes communications to slow down and new contracts to stall, so I am expecting a slow down in my efforts over the next few weeks until Mercury straightens itself out on June 11th.  However, I put things in motion before my birthday trip with the mindset that things may not work when I want them to but they will work out!

Taurus Sun Taurus New Moon

It wouldn’t be a Taurus birthday celebration with out a party, libations, and fun people.

My lessons of reconnecting with my past, defining my value in love, and creating new opportunities to earn money are perfect examples of the influence of the New Moon in Taurus.  These topics are very Taurus-like as they relate to value, money, career, and utilizing personal talents.  Taurus is concerned with the physical world and our senses while the Moon is connected to the spiritual world and our intuition.  The combination of Moon in Taurus guides our natural intuition to help us make changes in our physical world to achieve more success related to love, family, career, and earning income.

What new insights and inspirations did you experience with the New Moon in Taurus?

Artwork: Annija Veldre



  • Toya May 22, 2015 at 9:40 am

    Wow! This is so much to digest. Full moons and how they play a part in our lives. Truly deep. I’m glad you were able to have a change of scenery for your b-day!


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