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New Moon in Virgo – Time to Get Down to Business

Yemaja, Yoruba Goddess of the Moon

Yemaja, Yoruba Goddess of the Moon

We are all familiar with the mystery and craziness that the full moon supposedly brings about. I say supposedly because it really isn’t that bad at all, read my post on the full moon for more details.  The drama of the full moon far outshines the wonderful opportunities associated with new moon. I guess everyone loves drama.

First things first, what is a new moon?  The moon operates in cyclical phases, the full moon is actually the end of the cycle and after that, the moon is reborn or “new” and the cycle begins again. There are other phases in the middle such as half, quarter and waxing which I won’t go into, for more information click here.  Now back to the new moon…. The new moon is an exciting time, it is when you should start new things and implement positive changes. The new moon is all about taking the steps to reach your goals.

On September 5th the Moon joins the Sun in Virgo, the influence of Virgin will be strong over both your conscious and subconscious mind.  Virgo is an earth sign associated with the tangible and expressed through organizing, analyzing, contributing t0, and improving upon things.  Virgo is especially concerned with health and work.  Use the new moon to take the steps to get your career, health, and even home the way you want them.  Since Virgo is all about analyzing and planning in order to implement, you will have a clear vision of what needs to prepared, who you need to speak with, and what you are going to say to ensure your plan is executed with excellence.


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