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The Magic in the Moon Cycle

The moon has played an important role in the lives of humans since the beginning of time.  It was the earliest way to track the passing of months, the tides of the sea, and changes of the seasons.  In many cultures throughout history the moon represents life and death, battles between the mystical and physical world, and  frequently personified as a goddess of fertility.  This magical, folklore surrounding the moon is based in truth however.  The cycles of the moon work congruent with the flow of life force energy.  Consequently, if you use life force energy at the correct time you will notice growth, fertility, or expansion in your projects (anything from planting a garden, increasing income,or getting pregnant).  Since the moon is a tried and true method to track life force energy, I guess that does make the moon magical.  Here is what you need to know about the lunar cycle:


Khonsu, Egyptian god of the moon. His name means traveler as he marked the nightly journey of the moon across the sky and the passage of time.

There are More than New and Full Moons

These two phases get the most attention mainly because they carry strong energy; however, there are actually 8 phases of the moon, each serves a special purpose.  If you are using candle magic you should get familiar with moon phases to determine the appropriate time to set your intentions and burn candles for the best results.

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The New Moon is when we set our intentions and take action.  If you want to start a project, create something, attract money, love, opportunity or change your routine start during the new moon cycle.  The stages after the New Moon are called the waxing phase, it’s when the moon is increasing in light.  The new moon is an introspective in that your focus is on self improvement and goal attainment; however, it is a time to take action.

  • Crescent Moon time to let our intentions settle in and gel.
  • First Quarter use this time to give your projects or intentions and extra push. Check your progress, follow-up, add some fertilizer so to speak, to make sure things are moving in the right direction.
  • Gibbous let your intentions flourish.  Whatever you set your mind to is now growing. You may begin to see your goals and intentions taking shape during this time.

Full Moons are times of endings and culmination.  During this moon phase we either celebrate success or accept that things didn’t work out the way we expected.  Either way, it’s about acceptance and moving forward having gained experience.  The phases after the Full Moon are called the waning phase, because the moon (and life force) is decreasing in light. Use the Full Moon phases to release, remove, and clear away mindsets, people, situations, or anything that isn’t working or its season in your life has passed.  During Full Moons emotional energy is high and we express it outwardly.  Now’s the time to get it out and clear your slate.  You mostly likely feel lots of emotional and mental energy around the full moon; however,  this time is best used to reflect on how the past plays into the present and how you can best impact the future. Use this time to release, plan, research and set yourself up for success.

  • Disseminating phase is a time of coming to terms with what was released or removed.
  • The Last Quarter is a good time to take action to finalize the ending such as making the last payment, throwing away things no longer need,  or finalizing termination papers.
  • Balsamic Moon this is the phase right before the New Moon.  Our energy is shifting from outward, emotional expression and release to  quiet analysis.   It’s best to take no action during this phase, relax, and look for insights in preparation for the phase.

lunar phases


Utilize the Energy of the Moon’s Phases and Watch the Magic Unfold

Test it out by planning to initiate a task around the appropriate moon phase and then watch to see how things turn out (light a candle as well to strengthen your intention).

  • If you want to take things up a level with your boo, plan to kick-off Operation Romance around a New Moon or if you’re searching for a deeper understanding of something begin your analysis around the third quarter or balsamic moon.
  • You can also keep a journal of your feelings, thoughts, and the situations you find yourself in and see how your energy aligns with the lunar phase.
  • Pay attention to patterns; the times when you are most creative, introspective, moody ect. Use this insight to plan days to work, to research, to spend time alone, ect.  These patterns can help you make the best use of the energy of the day.


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