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Moon Full of Love – Full Moon on Valentine’s Day


The universe is giving us a full moon to celebrate with on Valentine’s Day – as if this day isn’t emotional enough on its own.  A full moon brings with it lots of emotion and introspect.  It is a time when we tend to be more in-tune with our emotional needs and feelings.  The moon  connects us with our emotional needs that are locked deep with-in and takes us back to our past, both the recent and distant, to make sure we are getting what we need to feel happy and secure.  Ball of emotions –  just what you need as you kick off Valentine’s Day or  Singles Awareness Day, whichever you celebrate.  The full moon on February 14th is in the constellation Leo.  Leo is all about generosity, being with the group, making sure everyone is taken care of, and most of all fun!

Leo will help make it a good day for both singles and couples.  If you are single you may find yourself hanging out with good friends, partaking in a group activity, or doing things for others to make sure they feel loved.  Leo likes to be the center of attention, so the full moon will appeal to the side of you that needs companionship to feel happy.  Leo knows the importance of giving in order to receive the love so it is likely that you will feel both thoughtful and sociable.  You won’t be in the mood to sit around and mope. After all, the good feelings you get from being with friends or brightening up someone’s day is  just as good as a romantic dinner for two.

If you have a special someone you may feel ready to go all out for Valentine’s Day.  Your goal for the day is to make sure your love feels special. You want him or her to understand that you know exactly what to do to make them happy.  Leo will bring out your thoughtfulness and creativity, you may have been planning  this day for weeks to ensure that everything is perfect.  All of your effort will pay-off; the hugs, kisses, and passionate displays of appreciation that you are sure to receive is all you are  really looking for in the end.

Side Note – All full moons can dredge-up  your emotional lacks and insecurities.  If you have been feeling unhappy, nervous, or fearful about something that is very important to you, that issue may come to the forefront on the days before and on Valentine’s Day.  Since the moon is in Leo, you may be very focused on yourself and what you want from other people.  Don’t let a self-centered mind-set or demanding actions ruin your day.


Do you notice any of these themes in your life as you prepare for Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day?


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