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Metaphysics and Crop Tops – Find it All in Urban Outfitters

I noticed a couple of years ago that Urban Outfitters has a nice, little collection of zodiac inspired shirts and accessories like necklaces and rings. I stop in from time to time to see what cute Taurus items I can find.  When I stopped in this week I was pleasantly surprised that their little collection has been expanded to a section of astrology and metaphysical wares, enough to fill up a couple of tables and shelves.  I spent at least 15 minutes smelling candles, looking at crystals, and studying information on palmistry.  I love going into spirit junkie and Wiccan stores, they have the whole mystical, universal vibe going on not to mention the people who work there are full of knowledge and very interesting to talk to.  You aren’t going to get that at Urban Outfitters; however, they have a nice selection for those who have an interest in or thinks  that metaphysical stuff is cool.  Another reason that I was excited to see the expanded section of merchandise is that it signifies that astrology and metaphysics is more main stream now; it’s losing its mysterious, hippy-like connotation. The fact that Urban Outfitters, a trendy, fashion retailer found in major cities, is selling astrology stuff speaks volumes about it becoming more accepted and appreciated as a life tool.  Next time you visit Urban Outfitters in search of a cute mini, lacy top, or a chunky neck piece don’t forget to check out the metaphysical section. I found a lot of cool things and walked away with a soy-wax, gardenia  candle to boost my positive energy and a palmistry map.


tarot cards from urban outfitters

I was very tempted to get these tarot cards.


moon candles

I really like the glass jars these candles come in they make great accents to a room and they have cool names like Solar Blossom, Moon Sparkle, Mystical Tide and Wanderlust.


zodiac candles

Good ole fashion Zodiac candles with astrology information, birthstone, element, and flower on the back.

healing stones and crystalsThis healing stone kit provides a variety of stones to help balance your energy. It even comes with a bag so that you can take you stone with you to keep the good vibes flowing wherever you go.


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