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Tips for Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Mercury is pumping the brakes and turning things around, but not in a good way, when it goes retrograde April 28 – May 22.  By now, you should be all too familiar with the typical shenanigans  of Mercury Retrograde such as breakdowns and stalls related to travel, communication, and electronics.  On top of the usual snafus, expect hiccups and miscommunication in the areas that Taurus governs such as money, career, and personal possession (or things you value).

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When Mercury goes retrograde communication, thought processes, and the tools we use to help us travel and communicate go out of whack. Unfortunately, when Mercury moves into Taurus it naturally slows down and becomes less flexible because it takes on Taurus qualities.  Taurus likes to take its time, it clings to its personal ideas and tried and true methods.  With Mercury Retrograde in Taurus expect for communication and people to be even slower, more stubborn, and less open to new ideas.  Regardless of your zodiac sign, with Mercury in Taurus if pushed too hard you may find yourself digging your heels in deeper and taking a firmer stance.

mercury retrograde tips

The good thing about Mercury in Taurus is that it’s focused on growth, is honest, and likes to increase and conserve the value of things.  The next few weeks will be best used reevaluating, rethinking, and strengthening any weak spots in your plans, projects, finances, and relationships.



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