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Full Moon in Scorpio: Empowerment Through Surrender

The full moon in Scorpio on May 10th is sure to mark a noticeable ending or shift of some kind. In astrology, the cycle of death and rebirth is embodied in the energy of Scorpio.  While the moon will be in Scorpio, the sun will be in Taurus the energy of growth, fertility, and nature. Nothing new begins until something else ends; the endings experienced around this full moon will be a catalyst for growth and expansion to unfold.

The moon represents our emotional selves, our intuition, and connection to earth’s rhythms and cycles.  When the moon moves into Scorpio we take on the sign’s ability to feel deeply and intensely while remaining calm and in control on the surface.  The theme of control will be central for this full moon.   As I previously mentioned, Scorpio feels things extremely deeply but instead of acting out in an irrational, dramatic way it channels feelings into something productive or keeps them under-wraps until there is a useful time, if ever, to bring them out.  During times of loss, endings, and transitions, which will be taking place during the full moon, fear and uncertainty are two emotions that are commonly experienced.  Remember, change is inevitable but how will you deal with it determines your success.  If you fear change and the ending of a the cycle because you are unsure of what is coming next you could find yourself clinging to old ways, forcing your will, or trying to avoid the situation all together.  When navigating change under the influence of the moon in Scorpio, the best thing to do is to allow yourself to go into the darkness without fear. Your intuition will service as a useful weapon against fear and the unknown and you will be able to gain clarity and insight around how to support and embrace the new stage that will soon blossom.

By surrendering to the change that is unfolding in your life you can successfully channel fear, doubt, and uncertainty into something that you can control, which is your plan a new beginning.

Scorpio is represented by the Phoenix, the mystical bird that rises from the flame and ashes as a symbol of strength and hope.  Become the Phoenix, open yourself up the opportunities and possibilities that await in the aftermath of any destruction, loss, or other major shift that occurs as a result of this full moon cycle.

The Scorpio Full Moon on May 10, 2017 represents the ending of a 6 month cycle that began on the Scorpio New Moon on October 30, 2016.  Look back to that time and the things that have transpired as this cycle draws to a close.  This cycle had themes of healing, self-understanding, and personal mastery. Over the past 6 months personal experiences have fed and nurtured that transformation,  review your experience over this time as this cycle comes to a close. In October, there may have been a sense of being clear on what you needed to heal or understand within yourself, although things could have been fuzzy around how to make it happen.

Nonetheless, if you made the universe aware of your intention for growth and mastery it responded by giving you the experiences you needed in support of your goal.   Through the process you have become aware of what no longer works or is serving you; these are the things that you need to surrender to and allow to leave your life.

The universe is strengthening both your emotional and physical strength to bring these changes into existence with a strong and powerful connect between the Sun, Moon, and Pluto.  If you recall, the sun is our vitality and expression, the moon is our emotional self, and Pluto represents transformation and control.  The connection between these three will give us the mental and emotional stamina and determination to push through the darkness of this transformative time, while keeping our focus on creating something new and meaningful for ourselves.  There is also a positive connection between Mercury, logic and communication, and Uranus intuitive knowledge and sudden inspiration that is sure to clarify and guide you, almost instinctively, through any unknown elements or uncertain steps.  These energies will be strong beginning at the Full Moon and lasting the two weeks after.  However, with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio the ideas, concept, and physical changes you make now will be long-lasting and valuable far into the future.

In the image above, the women looks like she is dead; however, the more you look at it, she looks like she is resting, waiting, maybe even regaining her strength to rise again.  Flowers are blooming around her, the bird is rising in the window, and although the inside of the building looks dilapidated, the structure around her is still intact. What ever happened although it doesn’t look nice has given her a clear slate to start over and create whatever she wants in that space.  This is the beauty of the lesson of the full moon in Scorpio.


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