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Libra Motto: I Balance


Libra, the 7th sign of the zodiac, is a cardinal, air sign ruled by the planet Venus.  Like all air signs, Libra needs mental stimulation, to communicate its ideas, and then to take action.  Libra’s nick-name is “the scales” because it is concerned with harmony, nurturing, justice, and has a natural ability to create balance in situations.  Individuals born under this zodiac sign are naturally charming, friendly, helpful, and has the ability to see all angles of a situation.  They focus on one-on-one relationships with others; therefore, they will take the time to get to know you and make you like them; Libra is known as the people-pleaser sign.  Their non-judging, fair, calm, and open demeanor is why Libra is a go-to for friends who need problem solving or insight.   Libra can be very sweet and affectionate and then turn and be cold and emotionally detached. This is a mechanism that helps them to keep an impartial and clear view of a situation so they can make a fair decision – even in love.    Libra has no tolerance for disharmony, confrontation, or emotional displays.  They will do whatever they can to keep the peace including walking away, being quiet, or telling a lie.

Libra’s position as a cardinal sign, means that it begins a season – in this case fall.  All cardinal signs are creative  initiator that are self-focused and concerned with their identity.  Libra is an interpersonal sign and heavily dependent on its relationships with others to validate their identity.  They have a clear ideal of how they want to be perceived by others and will do whatever it takes to earn and keep that reputation – this is why they come across as superficial at times.  Like all air signs, Libra is a thinker, that needs mental stimulation and deeply enjoys learning about new things.  This influences their creativity and ability to stay ahead of the trend.  There is no shortage of ideas or the willingness to implement them; unfortunately, their need to consider all possibilities and keep everyone happy often leads to procrastination and inability to make a decision.

Venus resides over all things concerned with love and beauty and rules both Taurus and Libra.  In Taurus, Venus is very primal and concerned with sensation experienced through the senses – food, music, sex/touch, and esthetics.  In Libra Venus becomes more refined and thoughtful.  Venus isn’t just concerned with feeling good it needs to look and feel good for themselves and others. In Taurus, Venus does whatever comes naturally, in Libra Venus gives  thought and consideration to the impact on others. This is why Libra is a natural artist and does well with painting, drawing, writing, music, fashion and interior decorating.  Venus also influences Libra’s passionate and affectionate love style.  While  relationships in general are important to Libra, love relationships take precedence.  Libra’s tend to combine their identity with that of their lover, so without a love interest they often feel like part of the whole is missing.  The happiness of their love relationships directly impacts their happiness in life; therefore, they work hard to keep things happy and peaceful.   However, once you dig past the  warm and loving surface emotions you will be surprised to find a hard layer where Libra stores their deepest emotions and secrets.  In truth, Libra’s love is a thinking love more than a feeling one.  They have an ideal of what happy love should be like and then will do what they need to do to bring the vision to life.  Libras don’t like to lead with emotion, it clouds judgment and they strive to be fair at all times.  Therefore, they lock their feelings of anger, jealousy, and resentment away, put on a smile, and do what they think should be done to get back to a happy place.  These aren’t very emotional people, they prefer to repress feelings versus burdening others with their problems.  They will keep up the front until they can’t anymore and they will explode, usually metaphorically but sometimes physically.  When this happens, it’s not a pretty picture. Even in anger, Libra is thinking and calculating; instead of a messy display you will get a calculated, stealthy, and hurtful response from them.  One that typically leaves the other person shocked and confused as to how their sweet Libra went from kisses and hugs to even possessing that much anger in the first place.


Libra I  Sept 23 – Oct 3 

Those born during the first week of Libra embody the qualities of the sign in an extremely structured way.  The theme for this week of Libra is balancing perfection and accepting flaws.  Those born this week are noticeably intelligent, romantic, and creative.  Libra I wants to be in control or have mastery over as much as they can.  They want tight control over every aspect of their image and how they are perceived by others.  This first group of Libra are cerebral yet still able to quickly grasp concepts and apply them correctly.   This makes them both creative and structured.  You will find members of this group in technical careers like finance, code writing, auditing and other seemly boring jobs.  However, most have very creative hobbies like playing instruments, decorating, or writing poetry.  Libra I’s standards and expectations are high for everyone, including themselves.  They can be extremely critical and set in their ways – they are the perfectionist of the Libra group.  Prone to being inflexible and uncompromising, they make things difficult for themselves when dealing with authority figures and loved ones.  It’s no wonder many Libra I eventually end-up leaving their corporate job and starting their own business.   A lot of this strict, perfectionist behavior stems from insecurities.  In many ways they want to be a blank, emotionally controlled canvas onto which they can paint the perfect picture to show the world.  Many Libra I have obsessive/compulsive aspects of their personalities for this reason; they are striving for perfection.  Beneath it all, Libra I is emotionally complex.  They have a strong need for partnerships and relationships and can be extremely helpful, considerate, talkative, and silly.  However, many will tell you they don’t like being around people.  I call them introverted, extroverts.  They aren’t overly social but are always making new friends and being invited to social gatherings. However,  they need their alone time to think and plan their next move.   Beneath their calm, friendly, and helpful exterior lies lots of deep emotion and feelings that rarely gets shared with anyone.  Unfortunately, Libra see sadness, hurt, and anger as negativity  and not as human emotion we all experience.  The emotion isn’t wrong, perhaps how people chose to deal with it is.  The tendency to bottle up feelings, avoid tough conversations, and then releasing anger when they can’t hold it in anymore creates confusion and frustration for those who care for them.


Libra II Oct 4- 12 

The lesson the second group of Libra struggles with is learning to balance society and self.  Those born this week are non-judgmental and get pleasure from helping others.  They are charming, charismatic, and always willing to help; they easily capture the trust of others.  This group has really great taste, are always up on the latest trends, and are well-connected.  For these reasons,  they are great resources and confidants among their circles. Libra II is a natural conversationalist, they know how to make people feel comfortable and get them to open-up.  They are social butterflies in groups spending a little time with everyone in the room.  Sounds like Libra II is the ultimate extrovert right – wrong!  I like to call this group extroverted loners.  Their natural penchant toward helping others forces them to get out in the world.  Thy have to know the who, what, when, and why so that they know the correct How to use to make things better.  The truth is Libra II really loves spending time alone or not being committed to others’ agendas so that they can do as they please.  This group gives so much of themselves to others, they rejoice when they can relax by themselves.  Like all Libras they loathe confrontation and disharmony.  The thought of telling someone “no” feels like a major let down so instead of setting a realistic expectation or turning people down they keep smiling and saying yes, all the while they are resentful and stressed.  Remember, Libra validates their identity through external means – based on how others view them.  Having someone upset or unhappy can seem like an ultimate failure to Libra but in actuality it’s not a big deal to other people – sometimes people  say no and it’s OK.  Depending on life’s experiences, Libra II with either be a crusader for others or one who only steps in when asked; whichever the case they are always thinking of what’s best for the greater good.  The flip side of this group is that while they are very gifted at helping others, they don’t always know how to do what’s best for themselves.  They are so busy  thinking about others feelings or all the possibilities in a situation that they neglect to focus on themselves. When this happens, Libra II can appear naive, insecure, fickle, needy and at times complacent.  Close friends or family may even feel their Libra II is emotionally unstable at times, always doubting themselves or making bad personal decisions over and over.  To balance their scale Libra II  has to consider both society needs and personal needs – many use exercise, spirituality, and even therapy to release and balance.

Libra III Oct 13-22 

The last group of Libra is characterized by a need to balance analysis with emotion.  Those born this week are analytical, ethical, responsible, and loyal.  Libra is a cerebral and extroverted sign.  All Libra are thinkers and communicators; however, this group is more concerned with analysis vs. pure thought. They know that knowledge is power and that knowledge allows true mastery.   Where Libra I and II may come up with a great idea but struggle with the details for execution, Libra III will make more effort to study and analyze how to really make the idea work.  This natural ability to analyze also heightens Libra III’s  intuition.  For these reasons, Libra III are often found at the top of their career or craft and hold leadership positions in their family and work groups.   Libra III definitely wants to be the leader but keeps a strong support system of people they can depend on around them.  Like all Libra, those born this week are highly concerned with their outward identity.  They use their keen analytical skills to study what needs to be done to get them where they want to go. The down side of that is most of the time, everything is calculated and they don’t concern themselves with the emotions of others – nor do they want to.  It’s not that they are cold or heartless, in fact they are very sweet, thoughtful people.  It’s that they don’t want emotions to cloud their judgment or contribute to a misstep; they focus on the task at hand and prefer to do so in black and white – no shades of gray.  They tend to trust in the belief that they are always right and move forward with their plan without considering how the decision affects others and the roles they play in the plan.  This creates frustration especially for the teams or family members they lead.  When this happens others feel that Libra III is being cold, selfish or detached. Libra III is aware of this and keeps someone close that they can push certain responsibilities off on or use as a confidant to help navigate – this person is usually another leadership type or strong personality.  They have to trust that person will get things done for them – correctly.  Libra III is the truly social one out of the Libra group.  They enjoy social settings and belongings to a group.  Typically they have lots of friends (or close associates).  The difference between this group and the other two is that Libra I and III’s goal is to fix and help others where Libra III is collecting information and building relationships for their needs first and helping other secondly.  They are great at relating to people on a surface level based on their ideas and interest but aren’t really looking for a deep emotional bonds with everyone.


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