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Leo Motto: I Will

Leo Motto: I Will

Leo is the fifth astrological sign and the only one ruled by the sun. Leo takes on many of the characteristics of its ruler; warm, attractive, fun, adventurous, and giving.    Also like the sun, Leo must be the center of the universe.  Leo is a fixed sign, meaning they can be stubborn and one-sided but also that they are driven to successfully accomplish their goals.   A Leo’s  self purpose is to build and maintain their reputation – they need to stand out, be remembered, and to be needed by others – yes this sounds very superficial but the upside is that Leo innately understands that in order to be the center of the universe there needs to be others in the universe, to be needed they must be valuable to others, and to have followers (I mean friends) they have to be a good leader. Ultimately, they understand that to lead the pack, they must first belong to and be accepted by the pack.  The constant need for attention and praise makes Leo a very social character, they have groups of friends wherever they go (if they don’t bring them along, they will make them when they get there).  They keep busy with many activities in order to make new friends as well, to add to their experiences, skills, and achievements.  The sun is always busy blessing someone with its energy and light and so is Leo.  This constant need for attention usually comes across in a youthful, fun, and warm way not too obnoxious or narcissistic – kind of like a sweet child who wants your attention.  However, when things aren’t going their way or they aren’t feeling the love Leo can be overly dramatic, stubborn, and egotistical.

Leo I  July 23- Aug 3 

 People born during the first week of Leo tend to be extremely extroverted, creative, and independent.  Leo I’s drive is to build a reputation as a dependable, trustworthy and solid individual; they accomplish this by focusing their energies inward on personal development and growth.  Leo I’s typically have strong guiding principles based on an outside force or organization (religion, philosophy, team ethics); Leo I is self-focused  but they understand that there is something greater than themselves that deserves respect and acknowledgement.  While Leo I is highly competitive and their biggest competition is themselves.  They believe they are already the best at what they do and that they have all the answers.  Leo I has a constant urge to prove and improve themselves, this is how they maintain the top position, by consistently delivering better results.  If the person isn’t in a positive mind state this can come off as ego and arrogance.  Leo I is extremely positive and open and have a very low tolerance for negativity.  This low tolerance for negativity attributes to the very sensitive nature of Leo I, which they like to keep private.

Leo II Aug 4 – Aug 15 

Leo II is characterized by its optimism, positivity and cheery attitude.  They have a good sense of humor and use it as a tool to be the center of attention.   Leo II’s drive is to have power and influence in a variety of roles and areas of their life which they achieve  by being assertive, honorable and faithful.  Leo II thrives  on their competitive nature, they will turn anything into a competition, sometimes their opponent is not even aware.  Those born this week are assertive and faithful to their beliefs and goals; this at times can come off as being stubborn.  They don’t mind a challenge and are at their best when they are problem solving or handling a tough situation; however, they are aware of their limits and won’t allow themselves to be pushed beyond them.  Leo II has a soft-spot for the underdog, the weak, and the outcast this is because they don’t like people to filled excluded or alone and prefer to be everyone’s friend. Although Leo II is friendly and happy they can  be unsympathetic to others in what they perceive as drama filled and negative situations.  While they may sympathize with the situation, they won’t have much empathy and will detach themselves emotionally preferring to focus on something else more positive.  A side of Leo II that is not well know is their occasional depressed, sad side.  They deal with rejection, break-ups and other personal loss situations very deeply and personally.  All of the energy that is usually expended being happy and positive shifts into being sad and upset and if not checked can lead to bouts of depression.  When Leo II is in this kind of mood they will withdraw to sulk alone sometimes for extended periods, returning to their fun-loving, extroverted selves when the mood passes.

Leo III Aug 16 – Aug 22

The keyword for Leo III is Leadership.  Being a leader is first nature and they play a central role in all of their groups (personal and professional). They seek to lead the team by combining everyone’s strengths and keeping everyone inspired.  Leo III is able to achieve much success by relying on conventional wisdom as well as taking risks. One of their key strengths is that they know how to close the deal.  Leo III is a great planner and organizer and is able to see their projects through; this is actually a need for them –  they need to see the fruits of their labor bloom in order to feel successful. Those born this week are assertive, creative, and capable and excel at breathing new life into  businesses,  projects, and groups.   People view  Leo III as honest and trustworthy and their friends and business partners are dedicated to them because of their positive, can-do, and lively personality.  Once a Leo III makes up their mind, it is set and they will aggressively pursue their goal.  There is an aggressive, combative, unforgiving, and dominate side of their personality  which can cause friction with other people and for this reason Leo III doesn’t usually vibe well with other strong personalities.  Their close friends deal with this side of them because they are won over by the helpful, supportive and inspiring side of their personality.


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