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Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion enters perfecting Virgo for the next 12 months on August 11th.  Jupiter is carefree, positive, and likes to freely expand in as many directions as possible.  Virgo ain’t about that life! Virgo is a grounded earth sign that doesn’t do anything without a plan.  Virgo organizes and scrutinizes every detail to ensure that things come out perfectly.  While Virgo is in charge, it’s going to tighten Jupiter’s reigns, so to speak, and steer the planet in the right direction, at the right speed, and in the right time.  Virgo doesn’t like surprises, so the luck and expansion that you will receive as  gifts from Jupiter will come as a result of some effort on your part.

Jupiter has a high vibration, it encourages us to expand our skills, knowledge and experiences by looking beyond the familiar and the day-to-day. Virgo’s focus is on the details of our day-to-day life, ensuring that we structure ourself for long-term success. Health and wellness are points of interest for Virgo.  When these two come together, expect to increase your knowledge through classes, courses, and the study of history.  Learning through experiences in order to gain a deeper understanding will be important.  These experiences may include travel to foreign places, interactions with different cultures, or exploring different religion/spiritual practices.  The information you gain will help you make necessary adjustments that lead to long-term and lasting success.

If you have your birth chart, look to see what house Virgo falls in.  This is the area of life where you can expect to receive the luck of Jupiter as well understanding any aspects that you will have to work through to receive your full blessings.  Jupiter wants to bring gifts of happiness and success your way.  Virgo is going to make sure that you earn those gifts so that you fully appreciate them and set you up for long-term success.


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