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Jupiter in Libra

On September 9th 2016 Jupiter moves into Libra.  Jupiter, the planet of optimism, expansion, faith, and good luck  has spent the last year in Virgo. While Jupiter was Virgo, you may not felt like you experienced unexpected windfalls or the unbounded growth  that Jupiter is known for (unless you are a Virgo).  That’s because Jupiter isn’t very uncomfortable in Virgo, it can’t express its full potential because their energy doesn’t easily blend. Virgo is a hardworking, grounded earth sign. It leaves nothing to chance or luck, it believes in doing the work and attaining success by creating it. Meanwhile, Jupiter is optimistic that everything will workout as it should as long as you whole-heartily believe in yourself and do your best. Virgo operates with logic and facts while Jupiter bets it all on faith and trust in universal laws.  Consequently, if you wanted to receive luck and good fortune while Jupiter was in Virgo you had to put in hard work and prove that you deserved the success you were after; things didn’t come easy.

Thankfully, Jupiter does a little better in Libra than it did in Virgo.  Libra is harmonizing, considerate, fair, and just.  These qualities blend well with the faith and spiritual aspects of Jupiter. Ideally, if you are considerate and aim to create win-win situation or choose to do whats right and honor the universal laws then Jupiter in Libra will be more than happy to serve up a dose of luck and good fortune.

Libra is an air sign most concerned with harmonizing situations and strengthening one-on-one relationships, both romantic and business collaborations. While Jupiter  is in Virgo we can expect to see important relationships grow and flourish.  Expect to get lucky when it comes to money; either increasing earning potential or coming into unexpected money.  Jupiter is the planet of expansion and since Libra belongs to the House of Venus (love, money, and beauty) there is a good chance for an extra cash as well as upgrades to your home, wardrobe, and quality of life…say hello to travel opportunities, fine dining, and new artwork for your home.

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Depending on your sun sign, Jupiter in Libra will impact a different area of your life and that area is where you can expect to experience growth and good luck over the next 12 months.

Libra (Libra Rising) – It’s your time to shine as Jupiter is spending the year in the area of personal identity and how you appear to the world. Jupiter is strengthening, expanding, teaching new tricks, beautifying, and harmonizing everything that makes you who you are.  Things haven’t been easy for Libra over the last few years but the wheel of fortune is turning in your favor. Expect a boost in income, your business or career should reach new levels, important relationships will grow stronger and you could find true love this year.  Most importantly, your faith in your yourself will be renewed and it will shine out into the world attracting to you good fortune and opportunity.

Virgo – Get ready for a new job, more money, a new house, and possibly unexpected money in the form an  investment or a payout dealing with a legal matter. Jupiter is expanding your bank account and financial resources over the next year.  The things you put into motion when Jupiter was in Virgo last year will continue to be successful and help you create financial security.

Leo – This is a good year for you to put yourself out there and make grassroots connections in the community where you live or in a group that you share a common interest with. You are naturally a people person so connecting with and building alliances comes easy for you.  Jupiter in Libra can help strengthen one-on-one connections.  These connections could serve you well this year.  This year can also be well spent learning and strengthening your skills.  It doesn’t have to be a formal educational process, you could find a mentor, join a collective, or take a short course or training program to sharpen you skills.

Cancer – Jupiter’s focus will be on your home and building the security you need for a stable, comfortable, and supportive family and home environment.  Jupiter in Libra can bring good fortune when it comes to buying a new home or making home improvement that beautify your environment or possibly to make room for a new addition to the family.  You could also receive an opportunity to build-up a nest egg or pay-off debt.  If there are any family issues that need to be addressed expect a resolution this year.  Libra likes to keep the peace by finding a fair and just solution or compromise; this will make it easier to find common ground in order to move forward.

Gemini – Time to let your creative juices flow. You are full of ideas and have a talent for getting other to see your vision. However, follow-through and planning aren’t always your strong-suite.  This year Jupiter in Libra can help you get your unique ideas and creative talents out and in front of people for a boost in career or reputation.  You could even find the right partner that is strong where you are weak to give your ideas a strong focus and concrete action plan.  Creativity and passion are closely connected. Let your creativity and passion flow in your love life as well that will definitely breathe life in established relationships or strengthen connections with someone new.

Taurus – Time to change-up your routines to create better health,  more balance, and effective ways of getting things done.  One of Jupiter’s keywords is expansion; however, it isn’t important which direction it expands.  It can expand your pocketbook and your waistline in the same way.  Thankfully, Libra is the sign of refinement and beauty so if things have been out of whack related to physical, emotional, or even spiritual health this could be the year when everything goes back in balance.  The focus is on improving your daily routines and habits to improve healthy, beauty, and spiritual connection. Libra in Jupiter could also have a positive impact on your work relationships especially people you manage or are responsible for. Side note Taurus, since you and Libra are both ruled by Venus you may get a boost of residual good luck thanks to this connection.  Don’t be surprised if money and relationships also bloom for you this year.

Aries – Jupiter in Libra is with you in its favorite place, the area of life dealing with committed relationships and business partnerships. If you are currently in a relationship you can bet on upgrades like moving in together, getting engaged, or even making it official with rings and a pretty white dress.  If things have been rocky but can be repaired Jupiter in Libra is just what you need to find a resolution and create stronger bonds.  Aries, it can be difficult for you to compromise or consider other viewpoints, not because you mean to be selfish it’s just that you are naturally very self-focused.  If this has been an issue in your relationships you may find the insight needed to balance the merger of a romantic or business relationship while keeping your individuality.

Pisces – You are usually the one on the giving end of the stick.  You can be generous, kind, and forgiving to a flaw.  At times you may even find yourself needing some reciprocity.  Well you are going to get some this year with Jupiter in Libra in the sector of life dealing with shared resources.  This year, people will be more open and receptive to supporting your endeavors and giving you assistance where you need. Approved business loans, out of the blue opportunities to showcase your skills, and even unexpected money in the form of inheritance, lawsuit money, or finding money that was forgotten or misplaced somehow. This could be a very good year for you Pisces because of the special connection between  your sign, Jupiter (your ruling planet) and Venus (which rules Libra).

Aquarius – Jupiter is spending the next year in your house of higher education, travel, and philosophical and spiritual ideals – all things that excite you.  Over the next year you could find yourself being a student of the world connecting to people from different cultures, traveling to new places, learning about ideology related to mysticism, universal wisdom, and different ways to connect to your spiritual purpose.  Jupiter in Libra is expanding you mind and connecting you to a deeper purpose through learning and real world experience.

Capricorn – You will be pleased to learn that Jupiter in Libra is spending the next year in your house of career. I knew you would be happy about this since your career and public image are very important to you. Both you and Libra are cardinal signs, you are natural leaders and set the ball in motion.  With Jupiter in Libra you may come up with fantastic ideas for projects that will get you noticed by your boss or in the industry you work.  Don’t be surprised if a promotion, recognition, and raise follow.  If you are self-employed look out for a boost in clientele and profits.  Capricorn you prefer to focus on the black and white and keep your emotions out of things; ironically Libra possesses similar qualities.  Help Jupiter help you by including Libra’s consideration, charm,  and flexible approach when dealing with others vs. your typical no-nonsense, tell it how it is approach. Everything doesn’t have to be about maximizing profit or being right. Remember, you get more bees with honey.

Sagittarius –   You are lucky in that Jupiter is your ruling planet so you regularly experience the optimism and blessings of the planet, even if you don’t realize it.  Jupiter in Libra is passing through the area of life that deals with your connection to society and groups. Thanks to Jupiter, Sagittarius knows that they have a lot to contribute to the world and doesn’t mind helping out individuals, as well as doing things for the greater good, just as long as it doesn’t disrupt the attainment of personal goals.  This year, you could find yourself playing a more important role in the groups and organization to which you belong or may join a group to support a cause that is important to you.  People will be receptive to you and find your talents and insights useful, pushing you to the forefront.  Your honesty, focus on the end goal, and hard-stance on the things you are passionate about can keep things focused on “what’s good for the group” vs. “what’s good for individuals” (which is where Libra likes to focus). The goal is to find a balance between the two.

Scorpio – You are in line for some spiritual healing, alignment, and renewal this year.  Jupiter’s strength for growth and luck stems directly from its connection to the spiritual world.  It carries with it universal truths and the faith that if you trust and follow divine order you are able to create success in the “real” world.  Scorpio, this should be easy for you as you  naturally have a strong intuition and are often physic.  Don’t be surprised if you receive messages in your dreams and in your waking life that guide you in the direction you need to go.  This area of life also deals with secrets and things that are hidden – important information could come to light during this time that is beneficial to you.  By strengthening your spirituality and faith you will also create balance and harmony within yourself which will spill over into your relationships, career, and other tangible aspects of life.


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