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Jupiter in Leo – The Dynamic Duo


Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter moved into Leo today bringing with it lots of luck and growth in the areas of relationships, creative projects, and in self-expression.  Jupiter is concerned with expression, expansion and optimism.  Jupiter influences our desire to be free, have fun, and grow in knowledge and faith.  Jupiter is a pretty awesome planet and indicates where we will have luck and success.  Jupiter in Leo is kinda like hitting the jack-pot; these two are a perfect match.  Similar to Jupiter, Leo is optimistic, expressive, fun-loving and likes to have a variety of experiences.  Jupiter is about expanding and connecting with others and so is Leo…like I said these two really are a dynamic duo.

So what does all this optimism, expression, and good luck mean for you?  Now is the time to put your creative juices in motion.  If you have a project you have been thinking about or putting off, now is the time to pull it off the shelf and give it life.  You will be successful at expressing your ideas and getting support and building partnerships.   You will also find yourself being very social; spending time with and helping-out friends, both new and old.  Since Leo likes a party, this may include travel, personal celebrations and other fun gatherings.  If you have been feeling like something is missing or your energy is off, now is the time to refresh you mind and spirit.  Let go of negativity and emotional blocks and bath yourself in positivity, love and spirituality.  Now for the good stuff!  Jupiter enters Leo in the 7th House of relationships, which gives your love life a magnificent boost.  You will be happy, generous, thoughtful and want to explore and have a good time with that special someone.  You will feel free to express yourself and your love toward that person.  A current relationship will get a bond-deepening energy boost, while a new love may blossom wonderfully.

You should feel the effects of the dynamic duo for the next 12 months; that is how  long Jupiter will stay in Leo and then it will move into the next sign.  While you are out living the good life, make sure to keep your ego in check.  Leo likes to be the center of the universe and the ego can lead to self-serving behavior during this time.  Other than that, you should experience some pretty great things in the next 12 months.



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