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June 20th Full Moon and Summer Solstice

June 20th is going to be a busy astrological day.  There are 3 notable events going on that day, a full moon, the summer solstice, and Cancer season begins.  The heavens will literally be going through a day of transitions, endings and new beginnings. We can also expect to feel that energy.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

The full moon takes place at 7:02 am (est) on June 20th  at 29° Sagittarius.  The full moon is occurring less than an hour before the moon moves into a new sign (Capricorn).   In addition, this is the second consecutive month where the full moon has been in Sagittarius – this is uncommon.  So what does all this mean, well it could be that we are being given a second chance to remove and release anything from last month that is still lingering. Sagittarius is the sign of the truth seeker, the goal chaser, and the freedom lover.  A full moon in this sign is asking us to evaluate what’s holding us back from pursuing  goals or being true to yourself?  Sagittarius’ energy takes action towards achieving its dreams and stands on faith and its capabilities that it will achieve anything it goes after.  If you are lacking in faith or not putting your all in achieving your goals; it’s time to let it go under this full moon.

Full moon’s mark endings and culmination and these events are never easy.  This full moon’s energy will definitely not be easy thanks to the Grand Cross that is still going on.  A Grand Cross is when 4 planets make a difficult alignment that brings things into our conscious by creating difficult situations that can’t be ignored.  As one of 4 planets involved in the Grand Cross the moon’s energy has a strong influence during this time. This particular Grand Cross is touching hurt, broken, or misguided parts of ourself that need to be healed in order to move forward.  The emotions that are rising to the surface will provide insight and deeper understand.  If you listen to your intuition and take action you will be able to make real changes in your life for the better.  This Grand Cross is not only bring up emotions and providing personal insight but it is also connecting you with people and information to help you along.  The Grand Cross propels us forward by making things so uncomfortable we have no choice but to take action.  Read More About the Mutable Grand Cross

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Hello Summer

Later in the day at 6:34 pm the Sun moves out of Gemini and into Cancer.  This transition marks the beginning of summer, properly called the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year (yea for 15 hours of sunlight!).  The Summer Solstice takes place every year around the this time; however, a full moon taking place on the same day as the summer solstice  is a rare event and won’t happen again until 2094!  Summer is the season of action! It is when the fruits of our labor get bigger and sweeter.  All your hard work and efforts over the last several months will become noticeable and fulfilling.


Let’s Celebrate

On June 20th plan to spend part of the day releasing and letting go of the old and the second part of the day celebrating the beginning of summer!  The moon will be at its fullest point early in the morning but the energy of the full moon will be experienced for the next two weeks.  Grab your journal and head to the water (beach, lake, pond, pool) or some other relaxing place and spend time reflecting on where you need to make changes and write it down.  After you spend some quiet time reflecting, gather your friends and celebrate the first day of summer. It’s a great day for a dinner party, picnic, or full moon gathering –  anything that celebrates the bonds of connection and friendship and opens you up to fresh possibilities.




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