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Grand Trine vs. Grand Cross Pick Yourself Up and Try Again

On June 2, 2016 we will experiencing two major astrological events, a Grand Trine and a Grand Cross.  These two happening in the same time period can make us feel like we are on top of the world then suddenly the rug gets pulled from underneath us…ohhh noooo!

A Grand Trine is a positive, harmonious, and supportive aspect between 3 planets in the same element, in this case, earth signs. We have Mercury (communication and logic) in Taurus, Jupiter (luck and opportunity) in Virgo, and Pluto (major transformation and control) in Capricorn.  These 3 planets form a triangle and their energies flow together to support our acceptance of major transformation that are occurring.  Earth sign energy helps us create structure, routine, and stability as well as indulge in sensual pleasure and material comforts.  Depending on your zodiac sign you will experience the Grand Trine differently; if you are an earth sign or have planets in earth signs (check your natal chart) you will definitely feel the trine strongly. Regardless of your sign, this trine will touch areas of life related to home, family, resources, and your connection to faith. You could very likely see the fruits of your labor begin to pay off or if you have been going through a change you may find the resources and support you need to begin rebuilding your foundation.grand trine astrology

While the Grand Trine is giving us support and grounding, the Grand Cross moves in to shake things up and make you work harder to succeed. A Grand Cross is when 4 planets in the same modality form 4 squares or a large cross.  In this case, the planets are in mutable signs; mutable signs represent healing, completion, and the need to embrace change.  This Grand Cross features the Sun and Venus who are creating a beautiful, luxurious, sensual, and talented energy together in Gemini being restricted by hard-nosed Saturn while lucky and optimistic Jupiter is facing-off with dreamy, pleasure-loving Neptune.

astrology of grand cross

This Grand Cross will touch areas of life related to health, your need to be of service to others, personal expansion, or relationships within your close circles or community.  Remember, this energy is about completing a phase or cycle of some kind and endings are never easy. When things get tough you may find yourself wanting to escape your reality; this could be by plane, hiding under the bed, drinking several shots of tequila, or getting lost in a lusty, fantasy world.  Whatever your favorite escape tactic is, don’t stay to long.  Running away never solves anything.

June 2016 new moon

If you find yourself staring at the sky and asking “Why Me, Why Now!” I doubt that you will be alone.  This whole “I’m the luckiest person in the world, oh wait FML!” energy created by these two major aspect is a real thing for everyone.  Change is the only constant and the Grand Cross is helping us balance change while keeping faith and our eye on the bigger picture.  Meanwhile, the Grand Trine is here to stabilize us, to create grounding and structure so that we can move forward in a positive and successful way.

Wait, we aren’t done yet! There is a New Moon in Gemini a few days later on June 4th.  New Moons represent new beginnings, a time when we plant the seeds of intention for all the things we want to grow and accomplish over the next month.  Gemini is an air sign interested in learning, communicating, gaining fresh perspectives, and playful fun.  The New Moon will boost our positive outlook on things and connect us with people and the information we need most as we move forward.  Here are 3 things to start during the new moon to get the most out of Gemini season.


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