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New Moon in Cancer: The Rebirth

I am so excited for the new moon on July 4th, there are so many positive synchronicities going on. Although this moon doesn’t have any special names, I personally feel like it’s going to be one of the best new moons of the year!  Its energy is like a rebirth restoring our faith, self-confidence, and power to create change.  I highly suggest that you use the moon to make some personal magic! Grab some sage to release old energy, light some candles to strengthen your powers of attraction, and come up with some affirmations or daily mantras to help you stay focused on your goals.  These are simple ways to use the magic of the new moon in Cancer to your advantage for the next 30 days.  Speaking of magic, here is why I’m excited for this moon.

New Moon Rituals

All Hail the Queen!

The moon represents divine, feminine energy, the ultimate creative force on the planet – the moon is the mother! As the mother, the moon symbolizes women’s ability to give birth, nurture, and nourish people and things into maturity.   Even if you aren’t a women or don’t have children, the new moon in Cancer is a time to connection to the feminine, family,home, and the things needed to feel safe and secure.

Read Cancer Zodiac Sign

The moon rules the zodiac sign Cancer and Monday is the moon’s day (that where it get’s its name).  Talk about being set-up for greatness, the new moon is taking place in the sign where it is most powerful and on its day of honor.  This moon’s impact on us will be strong as it draws our focus to matters dealing with home, family, personal relationships, and securing the future that we want.  It will also make us all feel a little moody cause hey, that’s what the moon and Cancer are all about, emotional changes.

moon ritual

New Moon in Cancer – Celebrate the powers of feminine energy

Trine Me!

You may recall from my previous post that a  Grand Trine is when 3 planets are all in the same element connect to form what looks like a triangle.  This special triangle creates a supportive energy flow among the planets involved that boosts the positive impact of each planet; basically it’s like 3 planet energy share – it amplifies the energies and makes them stronger.  The new moon on July 4th has a Grand Trine in water signs that includes the Sun and Moon in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces.  The goal of this trine is renewal of self and spirit with the purpose of taking action and moving forward.

Cancer is one of 4 cardinal zodiac signs, it begins a season and therefore carries leadership and initiation energies. You may not think of Cancer as a forceful, take action sign; however, it definitely knows how to get what it wants.  Think about  how a woman runs her home similar to a business, she manages people, pays bills, make sure everyone eats, and keeps morale up – she’s definitely the leader of her home and family.  The sun (self-expression) and moon (emotion and security) will both take on the characteristics and goals of Cancer.  Family, finances, security, and emotional connection will be top of mind at this time.

The second part of the trine is Mars.  Mars was retrograde from April until June 29th but now it’s finally back on track.  Mars overseas our raw passion and assertion, it’s the energy we use to go after what we want. Mars retrograde may have had you feeling lackluster, powerless, or doing more thinking than doing.  Thank goodness that’s over with and just in time to help ignite self-confidence, boost our ego, and push us to get up and go get it.  Mars is in Scorpio, one of 2 signs that it rules (Aries is the other). Being in a sign of rulership makes Mars’ energy stronger.  In Scorpio, passion is Mars’ driving force and its goal is to be the master; the master of everything it wants and especially the master of self.  Now is not the time to doubt yourself, have faith in your abilities and move toward accomplishing your goals.

renewing faith

Renew your faith and personal power

The final piece of the Grand Trine is Neptune in Pisces.  Neptune is the planet of ultimate faith and creativity.   It represents spiritual alignment and connects us to universal truths.  These connections help us break-down the limitations of the physical world and access the higher power within us as well as, tap into our creative, imaginative mind.  Ironically enough, Pisces rules Neptune so it’s abilities are even stronger. Neptune is here to renew our faith and connection to higher power. Now is a great time to begin spiritual and daily rituals that calm and center you.  Allow your mind to wander to new places and have new experiences; it is there that you break out of the box and create something unique.

Connecting it All

The past several months haven’t been easy.  Collectively and individually we have all been going through a healing process. The universe brought some of our hardest, difficult, and deep buried pains up into our conscious mind in order to teach us a lesson in order to move forward in a new way.  We are beginning to leave the hard part of the lesson and entering the phase where you apply what you learned.  The new moon in Cancer is that opportunity!  Our faith in yourself, your abilities, and even your spiritual connection is being renewed during this moon. In many ways we are getting back to our foundation (the basics) but are reinforcing them with newer, stronger materials in the form of fresh perspectives, released pain, and new ways of doing things.


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